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World Cup 2006 Germany (USA WINS!)

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to be honest, Columbus doesn't sound italian at all to me. Further more, being born in Italy doesn't mean you must be italian...

His real name was Cristoforo Colombo:



err and saying i don't know the rules or standards is silly too, you should shut it a bit...

I wasn't actually talking about you, but in general 'cause many from this forum are from US, and don't have a clue about soccer rules (just because soccer is not as well known as the us football).

I was born in a country that I know for a fact has created at least more than 40% of art in Europe, and possibly a little less in the world.

Guess you're kidding right? We're all saying that lalla's figures are ridiculous (even me, and we're from the same country), and now you pop up with another ridiculous statistic? And you tell me we're hard headed? Just get down back to Earth mate.

Oh, and about Zidane: they should have issued a statement removing Zidane from best player, and giving it to the second most voted.

But they didn't... because, of the four biggest men in FIFA, three of them are french. (Blatter, the president, didn't infact showed up to the event).

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Isn't Blatter Swiss? :confused:

as for soccer (the word itself) you shouldn't be blaming them because in America, football refers to their own football game so they need to have a new word to make the difference. Calling football soccer does not mean they are clueless about football...

about Zidane vs Materazzi, everybody agrees Zidane's act was foolish, but come on, you cannot deny the fact that Materazzi is a dirty player, remember Internazionale vs Sienna in 02/2004???

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No offense to Italy or being racist/biased...but the Italians here are extremely hard headed.

Sad words, the worst I've ever read here.

Please, do not be offensive.

Wasn't it a thread about one of the most beautiful sports in the world?

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Columbus is said to have been born in Genoa, in modern Italy, according to statements attributed to Columbus himself, members of his family, and others who knew him well. However, some historians claim he could have been born in other places, from the Crown of Aragón to the Kingdoms of Galicia or Portugal, or in the Greek island of Chios, among others.

It is still being discussed, and historians don't agree on his birthplace. Before you believe that you can disproof what someone has said, review your sources carefully.

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It seems the same discussion here :



@ Pe8ter:

Ok I can offer you a good italian wine if you like : Cabernet, barbaresco, barolo or chianti if you prefer;)

@ DomFel

Sorry figures are not mine:confused:

may i ask you to translate the very first sentence of the page i link below?


DomFel you are really from Italy and you dont see all around you is art? you even walk on art, you have it under your feet, you have it left and right. Oh! I forget to say under the sea too.

Do you really think art in Italy is in Museums only? Do you know we have thousand of pieces hidden which need to be restaured but have no place where to put them all? Italy is a live Museum

and italian are so used to walk between that dont see them anymore!

We are so rich of arts that we let them die without having ever seen them.

Do you know that in the world people like japanese, european and american are discussing to oblige us to make a kind of 'inventario' of hidden operas to be restaurated and we, dont even know how many they are?

It was just a joke for me till now, but now i'm astonished, really astonished....

And finally i've also to see the name of Cristoforo Colombo translated in "Columbus" Oh my God!:(

This discussion is ended here for me.

Only something more about footbal

-blatter is swiss

- we have been called 'pizzaioli' and parassites and not even one of you here said a word.

@ Derek

But France is French made?

The talent you have is in the head of Zizou.

See you to the European cup;)

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Topic closed.

It got derailed so heavily (partially by me, I concur) that my display is all bent when I view it. Plus three last posters nailed it, using languages different than English.

@lalla: bring on some chianti!

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