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Looks good. More slick looking. Kinda got confused with the Icons, Walls, et cetera link on the top, not with the buttons on the right side. I know you're trying to pimp your personal business, but it's kinda confusing. But it may just be me.

Under more use, but links on top make sense. However, having them on the front page is kind of confusing, at least to me. I could just be retarded, I suppose.

Don't get me wrong, it looks really good. Just trying to do some criticism, otherwise my existence will be pointless. ;)

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any icons in particular?

edit: Okay, I just tested out what you're telling me, and you're right, I'm getting some transparency issues or something. I was curious, so I opened up the icon in IconWorkshop and saved it. I made no changes whatsoever and then it works now, no problem with transparency in RKLauncher. I don't really know what to tell you, it might be that I zipped them up using a Mac? *shrugs*

How about you convert them to png to use with Windows docks? Doesn't AveIconifier do that?

// Lou

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yeah resaving them is the only way to fix this somehow..

i had this problem a while once ago when i converted some mac-only icon themes, strange that the 'fix image formats' command doesn't fix the problem :slant:

i dont like to use pngs, i always convert all my icons to the four main formats ^^°

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