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June '06 Desktops

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Yea, my bad, forgot. Theme is Luna Element 5, compact Black substyle.

Wall is Leafdrops by Popkendesign @ Deviantart.

Icons are various.

- Edit - Sean, I pm'd you about a few widgets. I just have to say, that your desktop is probably the most flawless Windows to MacOS conversion I've EVER seen. Props to you on that, my friend. All of you should check it out if you havent. I +Fav'd it.

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@The Cereal Mouse, link is not working.

EDIT: Seems like DA has something agains't me, im blocked from the site, can't even access it. I get Firefox's "Connection Timed Out" and IE's "The Page Cannot be found" O_O

Now work! :)

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