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June '06 Desktops

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Desktop Guidelines:

  • Do NOT post multiple desktops in a single post.
  • Use a thumbnail of your desktop no larger than 500x375.
  • You are allowed to have discussion in this thread but keep it on topic: requests and questions are fine, but nothing else. Posts will be deleted at moderators discretion.
  • If you are going to quote a post remove the image from within the quote, otherwise you will be suspended for a day.
  • Keep this thread clean! No nudity in any image posted here, keep it pg rated. If your fullsized image of your desktop contains nudity, warn the user that it is not safe to click
  • Any rules broken will result in a thread ban at moderator's discretion.

Want to know how people make those desktop preview images? Check out this thread, "RumShot".

Have fun!

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Getaway In Athens


Theme: SmoothStripes [GRAPHITE] by Max Rudberg

Wallpaper: Pixelnet by Brian Zeitler

iCons: Aqua Neue along with some personal stuff....

Other: Finally switched back to adium [:P mestole your clist louie] and this is video of crazy guy in Greece driving car at 3:00 AM at 270km/h.

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