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OSX Tiger V Beta


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    • Yes! I Prefer Shadow's and menu transparency with my WB skins
    • No! I prefer using Y'z Shadow(or alternatives) for my shadows and transparency

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very nice, a few things

a) cant wait for the unified and brushed looks!

B) there is no shadow, the borders appear to be 1px lightgrey borders

c) the font you use, it seems to have made everything on my desktop a lot wider, it seems to be different to other mac themes fonts

d) do you have to have the spotlight icon in the taskbar? cant there be a version without it?

e) is there really a plus sign to expand the systray (or mac equivelant), because otherwise its not really being as accurate as possible :)

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I can't quite put my finger on why, but this theme is really really nice!

i have since come around to preferring shadows and transparency w/ my WB themes :) (and i have voted so)

good work, and keep it up.

EDIT: I would also like to see the rollup/down button on the right.

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Yeah, it's a shame it doesn't do anything (or anybody being able to make it do anything...hint..hint...LOL). It only looks strange when you have SearchSpy on...

I'm using it right now, and I must say...It looks great, and works great. Great work, and I can't wait for the final version. This a great beta!


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looks great Dobee only thing I can suggest is instead of using a blue box with a cross in it to expand the tray maybe use something less intrusive. Maybe just a small black triangle, or small black cross.

thanks for making this theme.

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Things I have noticed, not sure if you wanted this on purpose. The wb only looks good if you're using Lucida Grande, if not the apple logo on the taskbar looks weird. Also when the window is maximized, the top of the title bar seemed to be cut off.

Adding shadows would be great, I am too use to it.

Overall it's a wonderful skin, one that I've been waiting for a long time, I love OSX Tiger :)

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in ur screenshot how did u get the common task pane on the right side of the screen? I have never seen that done before

It appears to do that automatically, when you install the WB theme.

I've noticed a few snags:

  • Apple Start Icon looks a bit squished, but only when the Start Menu isn't in use.
  • Control Panel doesn't work with Catagory View, just Classic. If you force it, it spits out errors.
  • On the taskbar, The font looks pixelated, but looks fine when highlighted, and looks fine in On program title bars.
  • Do windows rollup with this theme? Double-clicking results in restoring the windows, rather than rolling up.

Other than that, I havene't found anything else particularly problematic.

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@dialupboy - no spotlight version in final

@buddyd16 - I'll look into this

@ blaze - fixed ;)

@kjohnson - [i'm aware of the control panel I'm not sure yet what could be causing it since its an imported shellstyle] EDIT fixed shellstyle

window rollup is not possible AFAIK using per-pixel borders

I'll have a look at the others


@ all who've voted -

You've voted and shadows and transparency will now be included


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