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Rosie - Community Preview (Finder Bar)

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i think it's the language of your windows? im not sure but...

for me even going to rundll freezes the finderbar and jibberish comes out. this happens to a few of my applications... so i was looking to add them to the exclusion list... im currently using Cantonese version of XP MCE

great program although it does frustrates me when i had to force restart my computer 20 times before i found out what was causing the computer to freeze..

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Problem: It isn't saving the skin that I pick.

I assumed that it would keep it's settings in: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareRosie

But I go there and there is no "Rosie" entry in the registry!

Problem: After I close Rosie, the margin at the top will stay there until I restart the computer.

This is not major, however it will need to be fixed eventually.

This app has alot of potential! :)

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hey guys, thanks for the encouragement.

development has not stopped, and I had a major goof in the last release with rosie not creating a registry entry. So I have gone back and fixed it...

this is still just 0.2, but with the registry bug fixed. 0.3 just isn't ready yet.

sorry about that, my bad.

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Rosie Preview 0.3


-tabbed preference dialog

-application profiles (for exclude, custom name, and custom menu dll)

-better mouse over for menu handling, WH_MOUSE instead of WH_MSGFILTER

-windows legacy applet for the system tray icons (rough in)

-'snapping' back of the desktop ;)

finally got this out, not a huge release... just everything is being polished further.

The new system tray applet is a godsend if you are hiding the taskbar. It is just a rough in right now, it might not display all of your icons either because I am so eager to get this out I haven't implemented resizing yet.

Application Profiles will be perfect for those programs that don't function properly within rosie. Msnmsgr? Calc? Wmplayer? Wab? program names not displaying correctly, just rename them in their application profile.

Expect the release candidate to be done in about 2 weeks, it has been a hectic month for me.

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Nice looking, however (there's always a however ;) ) I started using Rosie with WB5 installed, it went with it alright, but I've noticed a few things that seems to go, how can I put it "weird".

I've got a shortcut on RKlauncher for the Start Menu, when I press it the original WB taskbar comes back, but Rosie is still running. I can't get it back unless using task manager, shut down rosie and re-start it.

Another bizzare thing happens when using Styler too. The File, Edit, View etc menu's come back, even tho' I've selected for them to be hidden.

Any ideas?

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Yes, I am running a legit Windows XP Pro machine.

i believe keane asked if you were running a localized version of windows, not legal. localized means if it's language options are specific for another country.

local is not the same as legal. they have the same amount of letters, but that's all they have in common.

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Hey everyone, I recently started work on something I always wanted to have...

A working finder bar in windows... It is VERY VERY close to being complete, all standard windows menus are translated. There are bugs, and the tray apps are really just holders and contain no functionality.

Anyways this is what it looks like.


and the zip:


programs like notepad, mspaint, winrar, mirc, msn, and a few others work... I have been unable to test full compatibility but I know photoshop, firefox, and outlook express and a few others don't work.

I am curious what everyone thinks as well as problems running it... etc.

(Links fixed. -NC)

The link is dead.

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