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Rosie - Community Preview (Finder Bar)

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Version 1.0 Coming soon...


  • Completely rewritten, utilizing a new menu capture technique which is now 100% stable!
  • Ability to capture all menu's, utilizing a framework for special cases.
  • Native 64-bit version available.
  • Ability to cross the WoW64 bridge and capture 32-bit menus from 64-bit Rosie.
  • Skins have now been simplified. There are now simply zip folders.
  • Skins now support transparency, for that leopard look.
  • Completely reworked API, to facilitate third party additions. (Complete SDK, with examples in the works)

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hxxp..... wtf?

And, if you don't know how to make a thumbnail, or even a working link, I doubt this is any good.

In any case, I am not going to be trying a program that requires an installer untill it has been proven to have no viruses / adware.

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Installer? there is no installer, it whole program comes zipped

and the reason for the hxxp is because when i try to post a link, or an img i get this message...

You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 15 posts or more.

So next time instead of critizing my program because of stupid restrictions, how bout you actually try it for yourself, and you can't scan for viruses yourself?

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First of all, the no links till you have 15 posts is a security measure of this site, one which I forgot about. Sorry about that.

However, there IS an executable file, so I will not download untill it is confirmed that this has no viruses. I just finished reinstalling XP a month or so ago, Don't really feel like doing it again if I can help it.

If this is a legit program, could we please see some more in depth pictures? Instead of one really small one?

Finally - I did do a scan with Mcafee however, it IS Mcafree, so I don't trust its results much.

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I'd love to say it works great but it's far from a release, Not even a beta.

- Doesn't work in Windows Explorer.

- Works in Notepad but the Menus don't change back when you click outside of notepad (Desktop)

- The Menus reapear in notepad when you click outside the notepad window

Keep up the good work though, Would be nice to have a fully functioning Finder bar.

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keane - the reason that you likely cannot host/parse/find the menus for the applications you listed is because they arent contained a standard control. You're going to have to utilize spy++ and just keep a running list of apps that you cant handle. Using spy++ you should be able to get the class names of the windows which contain the menus on apps that youre having trouble with now.

You have a long road ahead of you :)

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Couple Stuff:

1. In the Apple Start menu, it says "Logout {username}

2. Is it possible for some kind of way for programs to not have the menu bar hidden?

3. ATM doesn't seem to close..

4. When you click open a menu item, can it be more realistic, meaning that you can just drag your cursor over a different item once you've opened one and it will open?

5. "Edit" for Finder doesn't work..

6. The program's menu says "Todo"

7. The menu is only displayed for one program, so when you switch windows, it

8. Close Rosie feature would be nice.. (I didn't find one so yeah...)

9. Program seems somewhat slow... (On my computer anyways...)

Also... Is there supposed to be a tray with a clock? I didn't see one..

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alright second release, this one is much more polished..

Release 0.1

whats new?


-all apple menu items work. except network location

-dock menu compatible with rklauncher 0.4...and more just request it

-compatibility with explorer is closer to complete... the window menu acts just like a mac and keeps track of all the explorer windows open, although window switching from the menu isn't complete.

-framework laid for 'custom' menus, eg. future support for firefox, itunes, word, etc...

-clock applet works, but no analog mode

same download link as above.

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I absolutely love your little Rosie, it's the perfect middle between FinderBar and OB :)

I'd like to add some feature requests/comments, if you don't mind:

1. You can't click on a Menu when I'm at the topmost position of the window, you'll have to move the mouse some px down to reach the clickable area

2. When I've clicked on a Menu, e.g. File, and move my Mouse to Edit, it does not switch the Menu most of the time, but sometimes it does.

3. It would be cool if you could make Rosie skinnable or self-skinning like FinderBar. Also, an Option to change the font and language support would be awesome :)

I think that's it, thank you for taking you time and developing this much needed app (I don't like OB :P )

Edit: crucius' problem doesn't happen for me - the bar looks perfectly fine

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Looking forward to where this goes keane. Keep up the good work. I've never used finderbar as although it looks great for screenies I've found that actual day to day usage is far less impressive. It would be awesome to have a real finder bar type app.

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crucius: This is a problem with the way i am loading bitmaps... they are currently limited to indexed 256 color bitmaps unfortunatly. Good news though is that in the next couple of days I will add a complete skinning system that will fix all the current issues. It is not very noticable at high resolutions which is why I didn't put it too high on the priority list.

philou: Clicking at the top, my bad, it was just a simple over sight... it has been fixed and will be reflected in the next release (1 or 2 days from now). Problem with the menus automatically selecting, this is a problem I somtimes experience as well, I am not 100% sure why it's not working all the time but it won't be over looked as it is very annoying when it doesn't work. Skinning may be in the next release and if not the one after that.

To everyone else, thanks for your kind words of support and encouragement. I would love someone to come onto the team and help with graphics, logos, icons, and primarily a website. If anyone is interested just PM me.

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Dude, I just realized that I love you!

This little Baby actually hides the Photoshop Menus and this alone left me drooling.

Now if it just could could grab them and display them correctly on Rosie, I'll be the first one that donates you an insanely huge amount of cash (note: definition of "insanely huge" is reserved to the author) :D


PM sent, Pal. And I just discovered that she's pretty easy to reshack. =)

Btw: I've just finished the German translation, PM me, if you need it.

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