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Warning to artists - a forum that prides itself on ripping

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Browsing a page of an unnamed character at dA i bumped into a forum operated, run and mostly populated by some "renegade" members of AS.

These guys pride themselves on ripping other people's works and even have a "RIP requests" forum you can acess only if you "release 2 or more rips". I will not name/link the site but if you're a themer/icon creator/artist of any kind contact me and i will gladly provide you the link. DO NOT PM me asking for a link unless you have released stuff here or if you cannot link me to the stuff released somewhere else.

I have also alerted several artists/sites because these people do not rip just free stuff, they also rip payware releases so they will soon be contacted by the authors who can afford to sue them.

If you are an artist and are interested in this subject, drop me a PM and i will send you the link, info on the owner of the forum and other interesting stuff i dug up on people operating this forum.

I absolutly despise people ripping WORK IN PROGRESS stuff just to soothe their egos and by doing that they piss off authors who later may deny permission for an official port so the rest of the non "1337" community can enjoy.

Fun note is that their sub-title for the forum is "Where ripping is legalâ„¢"

EDIT: I have edited my original post, removed posts and closed the thread. This should serve strictly as a warning to artists to let them know that there are people who disrespect their work and decisions.

EDIT #2: I just read aabout a plan these guys are trying to pull so do not be supprised after they start Doing it. Just shows what kind of a game they are playing. Here's a quote by one of their members:

I reckon we should all post, under different names, our own work and then under our real names, complain that aquasoft is hosting our ripped works. If enough of us do it, if he ever took action (which he couldnt) then a load of artists can say that aquasoft had been sharing ripped work. Beat the prick at his own game

And just make things clear, this is NOT the official stance of Aqua-Soft but my very own opinion as a creator and someone who cares about community. I believe artists/developers are the most important members of our community and as such, they shouldn't have to deal with things like this.

/Posts removed, original post edited, thread closed

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