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What is your favorite firewall/antivirus security suite.


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Hey, what are some good free antivirus/anti spyware, etc programs you would recommend?

I am using:

- Windows SP2

- AVG Free Edition

- Spybot Search & Destroy

- Ad-aware

- Spyware Nuker 2005 (Which isn't free anyway)

What would you all recommend?

I still have spyware on my system despite the fact I have all these apps.



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You should be secure enough with AVG Antivirus Free Edition, ZoneAlarm and Microsoft AntiSpyware.

Touch wood i haven't had any problems since i have been running the above software.

For Spyware you could try HijackThis! http://www.download.com/HijackThis/3000-8022_4-10227353.html

Run it and then search on google. There are forums where you can post your results and people will reply telling you if your system has any problems.

I reccomend the Web-User forum: http://www.webuser.co.uk/forums/postlist.p...oard/hijackthis

You should get a reply pretty quickly.

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1. avast and trend microsystems are the best, in my opinion

Use very little memory/resources

Easy to use

Very powerful

Fast scanning

They all have built in firewalls. Against spyware, ad-aware does the job really well.

2. Or just switch to mac os x. Then you'll never have to worry about viruses etc.

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Im using Mcafee and really like it but it wont work anymore. When I update it the installation gets corrupt. I contacted Mcafee and they said it was something with my computer.

So what are your favorite security suites that take up little resources and gets the job done.

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On one of my machines I use OneCare from Microsoft, and on the other I use McAfee.

I'm guessing you have an old version as with mine I install it directly from their website using an ActiveX Control.

If you have an executable used to install it then I suggest upgrading.

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I am using avast!home and sygate!

I am using this combination for a year and a half and never had any problems.


Now, since i discoverd "Altiris' Software Virtualization, I'am having some problems and i think is sygate's fault.

I am looking for a new firewall (besides ZoneAlarm! I hate him!). Freeware, of course!

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Last year, I was using Norton AV 2k5 + ZoneAlarm Pro.. But Zonealarm had lots of problems with my PC, it was very buggy, it didn't remember my settings, some apps wouldn't connect to the internet, and it slowed my PC to a crawl. You just need to look at the Zonealarm forums and see for yourself the problems many users are having. So I decided to ditch it along with Norton AV which has been causing problems for life.

And I decided to get BitDefender Internet Security. The A/V is top-notch, I was shocked to have it discover around 12 malware mostly viruses and trojans that Norton A/V did not detect. The firewall isn't really good, it's not friendly and there a lot of popup warnings. It even warned that it's own updating software was trying to connect to the internet! But after everything has been setup, it ran smooth without problems. The scanning may be slow so it can slow your PC a bit but the scanning is amazing, it caught 4 viruses while I was online. And the subscription is actually cheaper than Norton's.

Anyway, just my two cents.. :)

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I've been looking for a good antivirus program for a long time... I started with Bitdefender, then switched to Kaspersky, but they slowed down my computer a lot, so I searched a bit further, and found a veryveryvery good one: Nod32 (http://www.nod32.com/) It's really fast and accurate, and updates really quickly...

I used to have a firewall installed too, but I wasn't really happy about it, Zonealarm used a lot of CPU, and other ones weren't really accurate, so I leave the firewall-job to my router, and I have never had any problems...

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