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Y'z Development Update


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From what I have read Apple wasn't really for docklings on the OSX dock. So it probably wasn't because of docklets.

Anyway I think it's sad that they have made him stop. I was looking forward to added core features but it looks like it'll never happen now.

There are\where still quite a few things it needed to be exactly like the OSX dock though which are:

a. My task idea

b. skin a dock features

c. minimize area

d. OpenGL perhaps

e. Genie effect =Þ

But (and I'm probably dreaming saying this), what if they hired him to polish up Y'z dock and bundle it as an extra with a sort of iLife for windows along with iTunes and whatever else they might put in that suite.

Another idea that might be a good idea is a Y'z Dragthing or something. He could get permission from the Dragthing people and they could even offer it on their site as the windows version.

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I dunno for how long,.. system is grinding. Windows are rolling down when maximised,... the whole thing feels sluggish,... (options make no difference),.. any tips?

EDIT:// Converted back,.. it was just too much for my p3 500 laptop.

Damn this notebook damn it to hell,... howma gonna live without that juicy green power docklet,.. it has been reverted back to an icon for a link to my power options,.. damn it damn it to hell!,..

Is there any chance of using docklets with od95?

that green juice was curtlin

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OpenGL support would be VERY nice, a hardware acceleration would speed things up a bit, but its sad to see that Apple cut Mr. Y short :(. Perhaps another Rogue programmer will pick up where he may have left off until Apple decides to shut it all down, hehe.

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I couldn't stay away from y's,..

What I did was keep running the 10x benchmark while incrementally making the dock+magnification smaller.

I started at 58-128 size which gave my low end system 22fps,... and then

stopped making the dock smaller when the fps went to over 40.

To break 40 fps, I had to have a dock size of 48-110, which I find quite usable,.. and no more slow downs! And ofcourse we get the curtlin juice.

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Originally posted by contrasutra@Jul 1 2003, 02:31 AM

Lets do a protest. We can all meet at Apple headquarters and march against their unfair treatment of Mr. Y, Jef, and others.

"No blood for Aqua" , and the more effective "YOU SUCK".

Im serious. Wheres Apples headquarters at?

You'll find Apple HQ at:

1, Infinite Loop




A frankly cool address. I'd love to live on a street called "Infinite Loop".

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yeah, everyone copies everyone, it's why all of the os's are good, they know the others are going to copy in their next version, so they have to try harder to add more unique features to stay ahead, or get an edge, plus copy the other ppls, it's actually a GOOD thing! Apple doesn't understand that...

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If you really must know, NeXTStep was first, it had the first "dock". Afterstep and Windowmaker copied from that. Litestep on windows copied afterstep and renamed it to the wharf.

NeXT was bought by apple and OSX is the evolution of the first one (NeXTStep) and has no ties to the xfree window managers (afterstep or windowmaker). Either way, Apple owns the rights to the original (NeXT) dock and the OSX dock.

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Originally posted by contrasutra@Jun 30 2003, 07:31 PM

Lets do a protest. We can all meet at Apple headquarters and march against their unfair treatment of Mr. Y, Jef, and others.

"No blood for Aqua" , and the more effective "YOU SUCK".

Im serious. Wheres Apples headquarters at?

cupertino, california

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This is a very sad and very unfortunate discovery on my behalf today. I was running Y'z happily for several months now, finally getting everything the way I wanted to. Next thing I know, I come to this site this morning and find out that the development for the software is no longer supported...

What a horrible shame! I must say that I hope this turns out to be a prank and, indeed, the letter was not really from Apple.

What a shame...

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all this proves is no other dock in comaparison can imitate the Apple Dock as good as Y'z by the way what version did he stop on? and i think the only way anyone will ever be able to get that source code without M. Y. facing legal troubles is some hacker that can get the source code ;) ? Ya know if Xerox was only smart enough to sue apple way back then there would only be on kinda platform and all efforts and creativity would merge into one making it better than any apple or any windows to date.

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