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Aqua-Host [Pre-order now!]

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I'm not that smart let me try to break this down so one of my intelligence can understand this.

Basically for 50 cents a month we can get file hosting? Meaning no php/sql etc?

If so do I have to use a CSM or can I just host files off it? If so you have me in.

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Yes, but if you have a php website and no sql table used you can also upload your website through ftp and have it working.

If you don't feel like coding an entire website, you can use our web applications available to you for free. Pretty much any CMS, blog, forum or other you can use. And you can modify them to your own will!

So what you DON'T have is a website control panel such as PLESK or CPanel.

You won't have SQL if you choose the standard hosting and not the application hosting.

It would simply be too difficult to create sql databases for each and every accound at a maximum of 0.50$us.

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It seems like people are not interested in 0.50$us hosting. I still have only 2 pre-orders!

If by June 19th 2006 there are not 30 pre-orders or more I will cancel this service.

Sorry for those interested but for it to work we need people.

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well we are June 19th and I have something like 4 people.

I am cancelling the aqua-host service.

If anyone objects this matter, please bring me more people.

I am leaving the pre-orders open and I'll check once in a while...if we ever hit 30 I will contact all who applied and will open your account.

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