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Aqua-Host [Pre-order now!]

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Visit Aqua-Host.org

Aqua-Host will exclusively offer to Aqua-Soft-org members quality webhosting.

For this service to kickstart at a very low cost, Aqua-Host requires a minimum of 30 pre-order.

For 30 pre-order here's what you will get:

Price: 0.50$us per month

Webspace: 830mb

Bandwidth: 16 500mb per month

If we get more pre-order I will lower the price yet the webspace and bandwidth should stay approximately the same.

Aqua-Host will offer you for a maximum of 0.50$us per month Application Hosting or Standard Hosting.

Application Hosting will be pre-installed web applications for your convenience.

At the beginning you choose your main application (WordPress, PostNuke, Mambo, OsCommerce, PHPbb or you simply suggest one for us!)

Then you can choose an extra application (Gallery, Coppermine or suggest one for us!)

Once that is done we will install them for you, configure them for you so they work right away when you obtain your hosting! You will of course be free to modify, hack, skin, theme, add plugins and anything else to them. You will also have FTP Access to your account.

Standard Hosting will be plain normal hosting with FTP Access. It will support PHP but not SQL.

The monthly cost is low because you will not have any control panel such as PLESK or CPanel.

With Application Hosting and Standard Hosting we will offer you a subdomain name such as http://willy.aqua-host.org. We will also offer you a mail redirect such as [email protected] which will be forwarded to an existing e-mail address of yours.

Keep in mind that this is just a start, if the service goes well I might expand it to aqua-host2 and eventually lower the monthly cost for everyone. I have also in mind the creation of a custom Control Panel for Aqua-Host customers, Your own webmail service (similar to hotmail). Live Account Listing on the main Aqua-Host site so your name can be spreaded faster, Centralized Aqua-Host Download Center so you can store your big files (wallpaper collection, applications, etc.) without hogging up your own webspace and more!

We first need to reach a minimum of 30 pre-orders. If you're seriously interested please pre-order now. Once we reach a considerable amount of Pre-Orders (30+) I will create your accounts.

PRE-ORDER (you won't have to pay now, no credit card or whatsover needed for pre-order)

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That's a great deal, 50 cents has me realed in. One question though, I have several domain names, is it possible to use my domain name instead of a sub-domain? Also, what are the cPanel features (if there is cPanel), because I'm looking for a quick install of SMF, phpBB or Wordpress.

Also, is space upgradable? I know that 850MB is alot, but just incase I overflow a little on storage, I still want to keep being hosted so I don't have to hassle in backing up.

Thanks for the nice offer. :)

Edit: Disregard the offer on the cPanel features. But, are you planning on having any web hosting control panel? If not, I'll be happy with just an FTP account.

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As I mentionned, this project will not include any kind of control panel for you.

The webspace will not be upgradeable.

I am still offering fully-featured with PLESK control panel hosting accounts over at www.d7hosting.com.

The lowest package on D7Hosting starts at 5$us/month

Aqua-Host will be hosting offered exclusively to the Aqua-Soft members and to a price that makes it almost free.

For aqua-host, it will be your subdomain only unless I find a way to apply your own domains to your hosting package.

Unbeliever, would you be willing to help me out with some of the design or structure of Aqua-Host?

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You will only need Paypal. You can use Paypal without a credit card.

I will offer the option to pay yearly or monthly.

6$us a year or 0.50$us a month Maximum! It can only go lower!

UPDATE: Pre-Order Now Available! Subscribe now so we reach 30 faster!

Be serious though, once comes the time to buy your account, if less than 30 people buy it, the service will be cancelled.

To Pre-Order go to http://www.aqua-host.org and click on Pre-Order then simply enter a valid contact e-mail and I will e-mail you back once we reach 30+!

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can someone give a rundown of the latest and greatest of the applications he is offering... i have a general idea of these but ive been out of the web development loop for awhile... back when, i was using css and flash and that was experimentation!

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While I am not interested, as I purchased hosting elsewhere when needlemen tanked, I want to thank you for your continued interest in this community. You've definitely gone beyond what was ever expected from any of our members. You also gave my site a jumpstart, which it will (hopefully) continue to grow.

Just try to have a consistent, single contact email this time. ;)

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Isn't this a clear violation of rule 4.7?

"Aqua-Soft does not allow commercial-oriented posts"

50 cents or 6 USD is still a business. Just asking.

Hmm, I think that rule is aimed more towards spam. Magnolium has a long affiliation with the community, and he's performing this service in an unobtrusive and non-pushy way. It's a special case, but perhaps comparable to the way we have Stardock forums?

In any event, I think it's okay.


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Hey, I had a site on needlemen, and it's now gone... If it was because I didn't hae anything on it, I was using it for file storage, untill I found the right blog, downloads, wiki ect software I wanted to use, then get a domain and set up the site... or have you cancelled everybody's site? Pm me please. Thanks.

Also, Aqua-Host sounds great, but will othe plans be availible too?

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