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Version 3.5 ( 7 jule 2006 )


Main window


Context menu in Explorer

Changes from version 3.3

! Absolutely new more easy use user interface.

+ Added feature to rebuild icon cache.

+ Now you may select theme for Folderico toolbar.

+ Now icon of folder chanded immediately after apply.

+ Added feature to install icl-themes from dialog "Select Icon for selected folder" with help of GUI.

+ Now in dialog "Select Icon for Folders" icons drawed in two sizes 32 and 16 px.

+ When you select menu "Select custom icon..." now opened not main dialog, instead showing dialog "Select Icon for selected folder"

+ Now when You select icon-theme in any dialog you will see small info about authors of this icons-pack.

+ Added feature to import iColorFolders themes.

* Fixed error: if you add only tip for folder without icon - occured error.

* Fixed error: If desktop.ini has attribute Read-only, context-menu and main applcation do not apply icon.

* Setting "How to install icon" not readed to main interface.

Link to download

http://rapidshare.de/files/25260574/folderico35.zip 1.02 MB

If you do non like rapidshare, them you may download this application from application page


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I was just wondering if it constantly runs in the background or is it invoked only when i actually change the icon?

Very small part of the program on the average about 50-200 KB (depends by Windows) it will be constant is in memory is a context menu. However after the certain time interval and this part will be unloaded from memory. This part is requid to quickly display context menu, but it do not work in background (cpu usage is 0%)

And other part is invoked only at change of an icon. This is a normal situation for all context menu extenders, for example context menu from WinRAR, WinZIP, any Antivirus have item to check selected directory.

To display custom icons of folders is used builtin Windows mechanism. And this cusmosation will be work and without this application.

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Folderico 3.2.1

Small update of Folderico

Whats new in: 3.2.1 ( 27 may 2006 )

+ in context menu added item "Reset icon" to quick reset icon of folder

Page of application:




Links to download:


or from Rapidshare


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this app really is one of my favorite apps now

but i got one request:

is it possible to make it support changing external drive icons permanently (like external HDs or USB sticks)?

For such purposes it is better to use such utilities as

IconTweaker (freeware) - www.icontweaker.com


Stardock IconPackager (Shareware) - www.stardock.net

If i may, is there any chance for adding an option to chose icons that are not within a "theme"?

I realise the option is there but it doesn't do anything when i apply it.

May be I'm do not understand your problemm (my English is very very bad)

But there a mini tutorial to apply standalone icon to any folder:

1. Select folder to customize.

2. Invoke contex menu and select FoldericoSelect Custom Icon ...


3. In dialog press button "Select Icon..."


4. Now we click button with folder image on it


5. In standart open-dialog select icon


6. Now we select it, and press "Apply"


7. In main Folderico dialog press Apply


8. Now you can see your folder with your icon


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I did what you suggested and instead of the icon i wanted i get the generic document icon like this:


My system is:

Windows XP Pro version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1

Explorer version 6.0.2800.1106

Pentium 4 2.66Ghz

512 mb of DDR RAM

Ati Mobility Radeon 9000 with 64mb of RAM

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Check inside the folder for two hidden files desktop.ini plus a copy of the folder icon which probably has a name like this: ShedkoFolderico3_606912354.ico.

It seems to be working for me but, I'm running Sp2.

i already checked and it has both the icon and the ini file but the icon still looks like a generic file document.

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