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MacBook released

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Yes it will do 3d rendering, but very, very poorly. Some people have tested it with games (yes, games), and it's completely useless for gaming. I know it's not designed for games, but some power would be nice.

I guess Apple had the Macbooks in mind as an affordable laptop that does the job just fine for common tasks like surfing the web, e-mail, wordprocessing. And off course this it does mighty fine even sans the dedicated GPU memory since it comes with the new Intel dual core, 667 mhz fsb, DDR2 & SATA2...

For games the Pro surely 'll do the job with it's Radeon mobile x1600 PCI-express 256 mb GDDR3.

Even the most gruesomely tweaked osx86 hackingtoshes have issues, while Macbook & it's greater Pro cousin don't. Both flavors run OS X & WinXP perfectly, which is quite an unique feature for the Apple laptobs.

Heck, the Pro will even run Vista with all it's glass-effects turned on:p

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