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OSX Tiger V VS

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Resubmitted, thanks to many requests


A beautiful VS dobee, thank you.

However, I am experiencing a couple of issues; namely with Firebird/Thundird options UIs, whereby some of the preferences do not fit inside the interface. Is this expected when using the default Firebird/Thunderbird skins?


Furthermore, the options interace for Wireless Networking is a little difficult to read (left hand side) - note, I have used FlyAKiteOS v3.5 to patch the interface icons.


I do hope you can resolve these minor issues with a future release.

Thanks again!




I have this problem too. I like the fact that things are larger, menus are more spaced out and so on. But isn't there a way to resize such windows to fit their content?

You'll need to choose a different font size

(sorry for the laaaate reply)

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