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RocketDock 1.2.0 Released

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Thought you guys (and girl) would like to check this out ;)


This is a huge release for us here at Punk Software. A lot of work has been done to RocketDock and we are very proud of how far it has come. So let's get down to what's happening in this version! Among the most noticeable changes are the brand spanking new icons, 16 new skins, full documentation, and ICO support. Yes, you heard that right, ICO support. No longer do you have to sit there converting all your ICO files to PNGs.

RocketDock Changelog


* Added WindowsXP Icon (ICO) support

* Improved EXE/DLL Icon Resource Support

* Added full documentation

* All New Icons and 14 New Skins by ZaK (zakar.deviantart.com)

* 2 New Skins by dlb (www.crystalxp.net)

* Added "Zoom Flat" effect for zooming icons without a bubble

* Added "Edge Offset" for positioning the dock perpendicular to the edge of your screen ("Offset" is now known as "Centering")

* Added "Add Item->Blank Icon" for convenience when adding icons manually (like a website URI)

* Changed "Hide Icon Labels" to have a realtime preview

* Improved "Change Folder" option so that "Icons" remains available...

* Uninstaller now removes the RocketDock folder in the Start Menu

* Fixed a nasty MouseHook.dll handle leak (and renamed to MouseHook2.dll to prevent conflicts)

* Fixed a leak in the Icon Settings "Icons" SysListView32 control

* Fixed a leak in the Icon Settings "Preview" Static control

* Fixed 6 tiny handle leaks throughout RocketDock in random directory listing code...

* Fixed "Default Icon" button not working on most items

* Fixed "Add Item" not appearing when right-clicking on the dock skin (not selecting an icon)

* Fixed "Popup on Mouseover" flickering when in "Normal" Layering mode

* Fixed dock locking up using AutoHide+PopupOnMouseover and dragging an icon out

* Fixed RocketDock animating under the mouse when covered by another window

* Fixed Mouseover Activation only working when cursor was in Trigger Area... Now it just needs to be over the dock (or the Trigger Area if blocked by a window)

* Fixed Settings window getting hidden in Always on Bottom and Normal layering modes (especially with "Popup on Mouseover" enabled)

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I can attest that it is smooth.. somewhere between Mobydock's amazing smoothness and YzDock's and it launches apps fast, these are RD's two strengths. And now RD has added a vertical offset so you can move it to rest right above your taskbar etc. Also, the new flat-zoom feature's pretty neat; worth installing to try it out.

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hm... it doesnt have drag and drop support.. makes me stay with rkl

That was going to be my question....too bad, I really need D&D...so it's still Yz for me...I didn't know RKL now supported drag and drop...maybe I'll give the latest beta a whirl

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@ Zacks, I said ObjectDock docklets but never mind that.. I was looking up the direct link for you when I just decided to see for myself. The docklet by Ave works but just not the drag-n-drop... further digging in Punk's forums indicates that ObjectDock support exists (but not drag-n-drop yet.)

So, unfortunately, i do not think there is any workaround for having drag-n-drop on this dock at this time.

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