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Platinum Pro V2

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Hey Vic! You tell us about new icon you make. Working title says "generic folder is too stripy to my taste....it looks a bit like old nod and snow.E1"... I think he/she saw you WIP...

Now The Question ;) Where can I take a look at your WIP.


I know its unreleased. You say it early in this thred and read it ;)

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Hello my friends! Yes im finally back from my long vacation in the south of portugal. :D

Just a little update, I have'nt started working on the set yet as I have a few things I have to sort out first before I do. However I will keep you updated as much as I can.

I am very sorry for making you guys having to wait so long for this set. You have been very patient and I will do my best to finish it off as quick as I can. :)

Hope you guys had a great summer.... I know I did. :P

Take Care


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Hi guys!

I am so sorry for making you wait so long for this set. Ive been very busy lately with college and of course.. life. I have been doing my best to work on both platinum pro and my designer wallpapers.

I am hoping I could get at least something released before the end of the year. We'll just have to see how things go. I would like to apologise once again for the long wait.



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