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Sarah Media, frontrow clone

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I'd like the version without buttons because I want it to look like the real Front Row. Maybe you could make this a setting in the control panel. (If possible!)

I'm looking forward to "love her", really!!

PS: Maybe you could fix the font size of the song information and the time information and put it closer together. And antaliasing would be VERY great (on the fonts AND on the 3D things)

Wow, you completely missed what I was saying. Not an actual onscreen remote, just that keys on the keyboard would do the same things as buttons on the remote - making it more like the real frontfrow.

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Your idea is great and I have the same so please, users, tell me if you like Sarah Media with images in the left or no ( like frontrow).

Thank you.


Sorry crazybrit4967 :confused:

I wanted to answer this question and used the wrong word :P

It's images, not buttons. Sorry :D

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This is almost a dream come true. This is an excellent application. I like it much better than the Vista media center I played with. Kudos to Deetox.

I would also like to suggest a few small features.

- For videos, is it possible to just use the default video player for each type of files as opposed to using windows media player for everything? I use Media Player Classic since it's light and have set it as the default for all types of video formats.

- Also, video formats such as .mov, .flv, .divx do not show up in the list, even though appropriate codecs are installed and they all play fine when independently opened up in WMP or media player classic.

- One more little quirk I noticed was that keyboard volume control buttons don't work while playing music!

but regardless, this application is so great that I was able to convince myself to install itunes on my computer (which I would never have done), just to be able to use this. Great work indeed. Many thanks to you.


I'm using Win XP SP2 + latest iTunes on a Dell Inspiron 8600.

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Hey I played around with the software...My God it is sooo buggy!!!

I don't get it, none of tthe software of this websites run properly

SM looks nice but it's way too slow to be useable. I installe dit and uninstalled many times. In the end the thing would just keep turning around and the application freezes

I am under XP pro SP2 with Flyakite and ReflexVision.

I'm really disappointed and if someone has experienced the same thing then please let me know I'd appreciate

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I did notice some jerks and lags in the application, but nothing too bothersome. That might be based on the amount of RAM the computer has.

Also, I had tried my hand on FlyAKite earlier and found it great, but fatal for win XPs performance. It slowed down my computer to such an extent as to make it almost unusable. After a lot of other experiments, I have narrowed down my choice to

StyleXP (in use no resources mode) and http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17919057/. It's wonderful and gets your computer very close to what flyakite does. You might want to try that.

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Well I have 512 of RAM. I did not notice any lags with Flyakite. I used to use Windowblinds with the tiger theme but I was afrais "that" would work more on the memory side.

Also for SM, I would suggest, in future release, the possibility to enter/exit the software without this fade for non extra mega supra speedy computer.

I'll check out your link, thanks

EDIT: This is my machine:


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um i cant understand anything in this app...wheres the english translation on the site?.....

From first page of this thread

To translate in english ( us ) :

1) Install Sarah Media

2) Go in [sarah Media directory]langues

3) delete "default.txt" and "Menu1.txt"

4) rename "us.txt" to "default.txt"

5) rename "Menu1_us.txt" to "Menu1.txt"

6) Launch Sarah Media.

google translated site


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When I open a video, the windows media player is opened, but not in full screen mode.

AND all big Fonts are very fuzzy

In Sarah Media, iTunes starts WHILE Sarah Media starts. That's very great, BUT when Sarah Media is open and iTunes begins to start, Sarah Media doesn't react. It doesn't react, till I click with my mouse to rotate the 3D menu. Then my keyboard works.

In the sliding animation of the menus the Fonts move faster than the slection bitmap (you know what I mean ;) )

Could you try to fix that?

I hope you did not stop developing Sarah Media :(

Sure you didn't.

Don't "love her", love the next version of Sarah Media !!!

I have attached an improved version of my German translation of Sarah Media.


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I installed the Sarah Media, but when I start it, there is an error message: "Characters are too large or too many! Unable to create font texture! " or something like this. And the Pc is freezing, I have to reset and restart. And I dont understand exactly what do I have to type in, in the fields for the DVD playing. Anybody help me? Tnx!!!

Ps: Of course I renamed the .txt files.

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Thank you! But there is no result. Error message is still the same. "Characters are too large or too many! Unable to create font texture!" And freezeing everything.... ...maybe because i use the Flyakite3 ? FrontRow looks good on the pics, and really spectacular on Mac. Would be great to use this cléone (SarahMedia) on Windows.

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Flyakite is not the problem. Is your system language by any chance Russian, or polish? Cuz I think the character set (say the number of letters in ur alphabet, if it can be called that) for the Russian language is bigger then standard english, and that may be the problem.

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Deetox, what a wonderful program! I like Frontrow and Media Center for OS X and XP respectively, but not wanting to buy XP MCE or go out and buy a Mac (well I want to but cant afford it) this is a wonderful program that does all that I wanted it to! Great job big guy!

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Hello Detox!

I installed the Sarah Media, but when I start it, there is an error message: "Characters are too large or too many! Unable to create font texture! " or something like this. And the Pc is freezing, I have to reset and restart. I have SP2 and hungarian language. Do you have any idea against this message and to use the SarahMedia? Tnx!!!

Ps: Of course I renamed the .txt files.

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Hello to all.

If you have non-english version of Windows, but if you wish to see Sarah Media, frontrow clone in action, then

1.please open your Control Panel

2. Open Regional Settings

3. And change your regional settings from your language (for example Russian) to English

4. Now You may see this application in action.

Source page, where I'm see this tip (russian language),


Author of this idea is a AleXS.

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OMG! This is fantastic...but....

I cant get it to work at all fast enough to be useable. When I start it up, it loads all my music from iTunes correctly, but then the first part of the background comes in, 1 minute later, the next. I left it for about ten minutes, and when I cam back, the background had finished loading, and half the Music icon was sitting there.

Please Help!

I have 512mb of ram on a Dell C640 Laptop. I am running Flyakite, and several other Mac emulation programs such as Objectbar and IconX. My Graphics card is a Mobility Radeon 7500. and am using an ATI driver thingummy.

Could any of this be the problem? Please help!

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