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May '06 Desktops

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@samee: That is the super warcraft photo I have on my phone!! Great desk!!


I even changed the logon screen to warcraft3.

And can u guys believe it, i am running that on a hardware as old as a P3 850 MHz.

@gav85: nice desk

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from the preview of u're post u're desk looks pretty yummi :P

especially cuz I love minimalism residences =)

to bad that deviantart.com is blocked @ my work,

thats cuz I love all those who post images hosting at imageshack =)

will definitely check it out later at home...

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Great shots everyone!

I bought an iPod Shuffle yesterday :D


Theme: Soft Milk Green by Bioscoop

Wallpaper by rimshot - [link]

Icons: Milkanodised by rimshot - [link]

Dock icons: Soft Milk by (?), Apple Wireless Mouse by Susumu, Banzai by [email protected], HeadPhones fom CHUMS set by Susumu Yoshida, Soap icon by Robert Andersen.

Adium - my mod of iMagine by Ultra'

Yahoo widgets: Widescape Weather, iTunes Companion, iTunes Bar

Additional aplications: ClearDock, Silk, MightyMouse

The Font is Performa SSI mod (NFR)

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