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Mac OSX Tiger Skin v1.0 for RAZR V3!

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yes olympus, icons in my skin are not transparent, because you cant create such a icons with shadows in transparent mode

if you want to add my icons to Mac OSX Tiger skin, just extract it with skinner4moto, open Mac OSX Tiger skin and replace them, after replacing go to Main Menu backround color set and change the color to RGB - 226 225 255, and transparency set to 0, then save this skin and you will have Mac OSX Tiger skin with this icons

@sajoman: I'm not sure if that would work with the dock effect I created on the home screen.

@olypus: I've posted the corrected Skin Pack. Changes were as follows:

-fixed the one pixel problem on the widget dock

-changed the messenger icon to iChat icon

-changed the videos Icon to QuickTime icon

-changed the cingular mall Icon to .Mac icon

Now I’ll start working on finishing the DRM icons.

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The DRM .shx flash file will contain the Start up & Shut down screen which should make that aprt easier. as for the cl.gif file I'm not sure. Also I get a "Download session not valid" error every time I try to download your wallpapers.

Don't know what happens for your download, i just try it and it work, PM your email and i'll send them to you.

EDIT: I'll send them to your email via your website

Where could i get the DRM.shx flash file, just look on my hard drive and don't found it.

I'm not a PC expert since i'm a Mac user, could you confirme than i don't have to put Thumbs.db inside the V3.

note: the only way i found to upload your skin on my V3r is to use "skin manager".

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Hi everyone, just some info on the Theme…

The optimal size for the Caller ID picture is 280x240. I take credit for finding the correct size (for this theme) through Trial and Error, however credit goes to [iFC]Area51 for discovering what lines actually need to be modified. Have a great day everyone, and keep up the great work, PDidee…

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Yes. Custom Startup and shut down screens are inbedded into the DRM flash. The first Moto screen is not editable however and from my research can only be changed via a seem edit into a flower or something like that.

Exactly the point, I changed the SEEM sometime ago and now I have a red screen with "Welcome" written in different languages, much nicer than the Hellomoto screen, and its also unbranded (altough I believe its from TIM or Vodafone). I was just afraid of losing it, but it's still there!

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Yeah if you install the DRM you don't need the Custom wake up or Shut down gifs. I supplied those in case someone wanted the skin but not the DRM but still wanted the start up and shut downs. Question though regarding bootloader. I unlocked my phone a while ago and now when I plug it into RDS lite bootloader shows up as N/A. The phone doesn't seem to get into bootloader mode when I hold down * & # on startup either just has a black screen?

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Thanks Tupring!

I think I remember that thread now. Any ideas on how to fix my bootloader problem?


Never mind figured it out (I have Bootloader 7 since I unlocked my phone; RSD reads it as N/A but I'm still able to flash it. Bootloader 7 doesn't display a graphic in Bootloader mode.)

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moto4lin in OSX is like P2Ktools in Windows, this programs could not write a DRM to phone, maybe in the future we will have some flash programs for OSX, I hope

if you are intel mac user, try Boot Camp and install Win, then you can use RSD Lite for flexing yours DRM

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no intel for me! i've been trying to use flasher with instructions from mac.themotoguide.com it i get right through the process but fall at the last hurdle... after patch > patch in terminal it just goes blank, has anyone got this to work with a mac? or am i going to have to blag a pc from somewhere, i need this to work!!!

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