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CD Art Display RC4 (formerly Winamp CD Case)

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The only way to make CAD work with albums is ID3 tag.

1) Go to "Control Panel>Read cover" then make sure to "Add" the following pattern:


2) Go to "Control Panel>Download" section and write the following pattern:


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Thanks now it's working, i guess i'll have to find a way to complete at least the artist, title and album ID3 tag.

Does anybody know any software that searches artist title and album automatically

How does it feel to know that i googled just to find a way to toalk to you :P???

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This is one of the best programs ever! Only a couple problems, first of all there should be a timer or something on the balloon tip because it never goes away, only when you x it out. And finally there should be an option to keep or discard the cd cover that it finds because sometimes they're not right. Oh and I'm using build 381 with itunes by the way.

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Hi, nice app.. but lots of 'to do'

Using lastest beta with foobar 0.83 (winamp spam plugin ver. 0.74):

- Choosing foobar in control panel leads to hidden cover and tags text, but control buttons works, I'm used to choose winamp

- CAD don't start with player (need to start CAD with checked 'start player')

- Progress Bar seeking don't work; btw, how to make it vertical with horizontal case - what par in skin.ini I must change?

- Is it possible to have tag like - composer / label ?

PS> I've tried foobar 0.9 final with winamp spam beta dll - the same situation..

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San Antonio,

Make sure to use the last build:


1) it's working here (CAD build 401)

2) foobar2000 can't start CAD unless someone makes a plugin to do so

3) the progress bar itself (just to show the track progress) should work (foobar2000 still has some limitations)

4) I'll add your suggestion to my to do list

PS) CAD is designed to work with foobar2000 0.9x and the last Winamp plugin.

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CAD RC4 Build 502 (31 Jul 2006)

- CADPinHelper module added (*)

- CAD will read the "RATING" frame from a mp3 (for foobar2000)

- Bugs fixed and some improvements added

(*) This module (CADPinHelper.exe) will be started once CAD is pinned to desktop and it's useful if explorer crashes then CAD will be restarted after all. Without the new module CAD just stops working. If you don't want to use it just don't copy it to CAD folder.



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