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CD Art Display RC4 (formerly Winamp CD Case)

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Hey Carlos, great app, been following it since Beta 7 and love the way it has evolved..

Just a suggestion: it would be nice if you could provide a way for the user to select the search site (amazon.co.uk, amazon.com etc.) on the search cover window, for example with a dropbox next to Browse Google.

It would be nice because sometimes one site doesn't have the desired cover so instead of going into the Control Panel, changing the site and searching again, you could just change it on the fly.. It would save a lot of time!

Thnx for your dedication as a developer..

Keep up the good work!!

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Nice suggestion xysi_kauto. Thank you for your feedback!

CAD RC4 Build 207 (08 Jun 2006)

- Support vertical ratings (*)

- Opacity is part of the skin not a general setting

- Opacity for Case/cover

- Opacity for Fancy ratings

- Opacity for Progress bar

- Opacity for Line 1

- Opacity for Line 2

- Select Amazon source on Search window (thanks xysi_kauto)

- Added "Just Cover" skin with vertical ratings and the special text settings (see screenshot below)

(*) it's a skin design matter: CAD will recognize if the image is vertical or not.



Have fun! :D

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Very nicely done!!!

And even faster than I had hoped!!

Thnx Carlos!

As for the skin, very nice touch with the way the artist is shown!

You've heard it many times before, but I really appreciate your dedication as a developer and the way you respond to user feedback.. Congratulations!!

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Carlos I think I've found a bug:

I dragged and dropped an image to a currently playing track and instead of the image being saved in my covers' folder in the format Artist - Album.jpg as I have specified in the download option in the Control Panel it was saved in the folder of the track as folder.jpg

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Great work, problem fixed!!

Carlos, another problem that I have known for quite a while but just remembered:

I can't quite explain it, so I hope an example will help..

I play a song tagged with the following info:

Title:I Want You To Stay

Artist:Maximo Park

Album:A Certain Trigger (Limited Edition)

Track No:06

If right after that I play the same song from the bonus disc which is a live rendition of the song, there is no change in the data CAD displays, which should be Track No 17..

I also have the simple version of the same album (tagged Album:A Certain Trigger).

If I play the same song (I Want You To Stay) from that album, there is no change in the data or in the cover art which is different..

Hope it helps..

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How do I update to the latest build 212 when I've already got a previous version of RC4 installed? All these errors appear when I try to install the latest build about missing folders etc.

Likewise if I replace CAD.exe with the new one.

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Hi, can you tell where are saved the settings, i didn't mean the settings.ini.

Where are saved the settings for the "Notifier text" (font,line one text, line two text, font color, zoom size for the case...). I would like to backup my settings for CD Art Display.

I have searched also in the registry and I found nothing.

Is it possible to backup the settings for the CD Art Display?

Thank you in advanced for the answer.



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