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Well I haven't been able to get ahold of BLOOMPdesign's [snapshooter borders ] author to get the PNG or PSD source files for his borders. If anyone else would like to lend a hand in that, I would apprecaite it.

As of right now, I won't be able to include them in the next theme pack.

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i left a msg on his deviantart page asking for the psd's but he replied that he would not release them :(

on a side note, i was browsing through macthemes.com and came across your post for rumshot beta and i was shocked with their attitude on that forum and how they acted in that thread :(

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Yeah, and they have some windows software on that forum. *shrug* no skin off of my back.

I wonder if someone would consider recreating those borders then? He was quick to give me persmission to port them, but wont allow me to use the originals to do so? Odd indeed.

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