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Hey why not, i just want to show you my forum :cool:

It is also about customize GUI.

The purpose is not to be a competition to aqua-soft but just show info for people that like to share art about GUI customize and would like to be a part of new forum.

So if you like this kind of forums go ahead and register.

If so (also helping this forum to grow) i will be thankful :D


So here it is: http://guistyles.com/forum/

Have a nice day, CoXiS

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don't treat this like a spam or something like that

my forum is topic releated to aqua-soft

i just think this is the best place to inform about this kind of forum

because aqua-soft is basically the best forum about gui customize in my opinion ;)

so maybe some people will be interested about joining new forum about gui

thanx for all your comments, and join us now, don't hesitate :D

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Guest Cyanide
I also would like to announce some great news :P

Forum of GUIStyles from today has a new design, Milk transform to Samui 2.0 theme !

Any suggest for CSS tweak let me know :D

GUIStyles forum new Samui theme

WooT nice nice... //does a mad dance.. // damn that forum gui is looking neat-o! :D

But man.. i dunno why dont I see Kavin's name in your post above? He's done a good deal of the gfx for your forum, the post bubbles... hmm.. i'm sure you forgot to mention that ... ;)

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