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I would now like to present something that I've been working on for quite some time now. It all started with my determination to make a photorealistic internal drive. I always had stuck with making external-like drives, and I never really delved into realism (as this set has). When I created the internal drive, I couldn't stop, I made folders, the network globe, Finder, and more, until... I had everything. A system set.

I'd like to thank David Lanham for his inspiration and guiding me in the right direction, Michael Gonzalez for his words of wisdom and pushing me along, Stephan Geyer for allowing me to use his photo “Nuuse” in the icons where a photo was needed, Dan Heagney for being my best friend, as well as my mother, for all the times she had to listen to, "Mom, I'm working on icons, I'll take the trash out later." Also, thanks to you, everyone, who has supported me throughout the years. This is my gift to you.


I understand many of you will find certain icons which do not appeal to you. I have tried to come up with a few alternates of the following icons: App, Applications, Home, Internal, iDisk, Public iDisk, and iTunes.

For you Graphite lovers, I've included an entire system set for Graphite as well. Almost wherever there was a blue item, there is a duplicate Graphite item. I even made a separate download link for you. How nice.

There is a bonus icon. It is quite bonusy.


For the Mac Users:

The CandyBar iContainer contains only what is needed for a system replacement set. The Macintosh Icons and Pixadex iContainer contain all of the icons, alternates, etc.

For the Windows Users:

This is not a system replacement for Windows. This is a system replacement for Macintosh. However, seeing as there will be a high-demand for these in Windows format, ICOs are available.

For the Linux Users:

Same goes for you. These are not system replacements for Linux, but PNGs are available.

Download Page

// Louie Mantia

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