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Needlemen is going down

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I don't want to seem like I'm bashing or ungrateful, but that email two months before this happened was not a 'back all your stuff up, we're going down,' it was instead a 'if you wanna move the stuff yourself, go for it, if not, we'll do it for you later.' So here I am, assuming it will be moved automatically at a later time. Not true. Then I failed to get an email before you decided to close it all down. A day or so would have been sufficient.

I'm not saying this to complain, I'm saying this because if you wan't to start a hosting company, I want you to be successful and have good customer service, and this was a poor example. Learn from it, that's all I'm saying.

Again, I don't wanna come across as ungrateful, in fact, I would like to thank you for the hosting you did provide. Thanks.

// Lou

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Here's something I must have mis-explained.

People keep on blaming me for not warning them more but here's what happened:

As I said, I had intentions on keeping NeedleMen up for the free accounts then something happened between me and LiveWireHost which resulted in me closing the account with LiveWireHost. They then agreed to give me a few days so I can tell people to move their things asap. I proceeded to warn people off and not so long after, the ceo of LiveWireHost came up to me and told me they were deleting everything right away. They did not leave me any choice and I did not have enough time to warn everyone off.

for about a year I have been offering free hosting to you guys while I was giving money to LiveWireHost each month so you can have it for free and also cracking my head on the walls trying to fix the uptime, the sql problems as well as any technical support to all of you. For free.

I get tired of the bad service and hosting quality I have with LiveWireHost and decide to move on and buy my dedicated servers. I still don't cancel my account with LiveWireHost because I wish to keep on hosting you guys for free. So up to that point I'm paying your accounts plus my dedicated server each month and you are still not spending anything.

some bad things happen with LiveWireHost and I get really frustrated and decide to terminate my account with LiveWireHost and STILL I choose not to be a ***** with LiveWireHost because I wish to have enough time to tell you all which we (LiveWireHost and I) agreed on. Not so long after THEY come up to me and close and delete everything in my face.

Now I can't afford to keep all of you for free anymore and still I try and figure out ways to at least make it up for the fact that we (you and I) were cut short.

Some time passes and I find about this thread and decide to come up front and explain everything to you and even so I decide to offer you VERY low cost hosting just to make it up once again AND YET

People still blame it on me!

Also, yes I was not online alot and I'm really sorry for having a very demanding real-life job.

I decided to offer free hosting to you because I wanted NeedleMen to be known but the reason why I offered it to Aqua-Soft was because since 2003 I had been amazed by the beautiful work all of you release, from aqua-emulating programs to awesome skins and themes to simply graphics and felt I owe you all. And this has been true since day 1 of this free hosting thing.

Now, onto the "aqua-host" project, for those interested.

I will start a new thread about it but before here's a few clarifications:

The bandwidth and webspace will depend on the number of "pre-order" I will get. With that amount fixed I will then establish a base price, monthly bandwidth and webspace for everyone.

New thread about "aqua-host" coming soon.

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Two months not enough time... are you on crack?

The moment you recieved the email, you should have backed your **** up.

Talk about ungrateful. :slant:

I'm not still mad at Magnolium, but I just want to tell you: The E-Mail had NOTHING to do with back your stuff up! It said that Needlemen was going to close sometime soon! It was much more then two months ago, and I do not at all count it as a warning. I guess I deleted the E-Mail, as I can not find it to put here.

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