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Folder2MyPC 1.9

For many computer users the My Computer window is the first step in finding a folder. Folder2MyPC allows you to add favourite locations to be added to this window.

The interface is very simple to use and it is possible to browse for a folder to add to My Computer, rather than having to remember it exactly. A custom icon can be used to make the folder more distinctive.

Links are not restricted to folders on the computer as it is also possible to create shortcuts for software in My Computer in some Control Panel categories.

By help of this utility you can add any folders and programs in " My computer " and "Control panel"


The basic opportunities:

- Addition / change / removal of any folder and programs in a folder "My Computer" and "Control panel",

- An opportunity of a choice of an alternative icon for a folder,

- Addition / change / removal of any program in a folder " My Computer " and in "Control panel"

- Program loading for display of new folders, after creation of necessary folders is not required.

You may download this freeware app from

English page


or Russian page on


Page with additionnal languages:



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Would you like me to point out the English spelling errors for you?

Yes, if you have time, simply

Simply open Template_To_Translate.ini and in lines after a sign equally ("=") write a correct variant, in those lines where there is a mistake, it is possible to not fill other lines.

Well and if not so it is a lot of mistakes, it is possible also a plain text.

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Folder2MyPC 1.7.4

* Fixed error - on most PC Folder2MyPC do not show dialog to select icon in "Edit application shotcut" and in "Edit Folder Shotcut".

+ Now contains languages:

- English, French, Russian, Arabic, PortugueseBR, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian

You may download this application from:

please see on of last posts, because links was changed

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Folder2MyPC 1.7.5

1.7.5 ( 10 may 2006 ) - FIX

* Fixed: if you using two monitors happens is the following: If I start Folder2MyPC it is centered in the middle of the two monitors (half on monitor 1 and half on monitor 2). Now started on the center of current monitor.

+ Now contains languages: Arabic, Dutch, EspaŠ“ol, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian

English page:

please see on of last posts, because links was changed

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