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How to configure AveScript??

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Well I'm very new to Avedesk and after i had installed single Widgets I saw that there is a kind of Main-Widget called AveScript that is used as Base for other widgets like weather calculator calendar and so on. I read a thread that told me to install the main Avescript Widget First and then the Others and did so but my Problem remains: I don't see how to configure those widgets.

The standard-widgets for example are configureable in a additional register next to the standard-settings-register for Position, Label and so on. But the only additional Register to all these AveScript-Widgets is AveScripter.

I suppose it would be possible to configure them if i knew XML, Java and so on which are mentioned in AveScript descriptions but I don't think everyone who uses them knows about these scripting-languages.

I even tried to edit the jv-script files and so on in the widgets folders but it seemed to be useless.

Thx 4 Help

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The newer avescripter has the ability to have the flip icon to appear when you enter the desklet. Download the latest weather, and you will see. I would recommend most new desklets to have it work that way.. Less confusing.

As for configuration of a desklet, this all depends on how the widget's are done. Most have the flip to the back.

If you tell us which one, I'll help you.

I'm currently updating all the "default" widgets to have the flip appear right away, but I'm in the middle of fixing all "bugs" that are in the latest beta version. I want to have an new official release.

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