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best moments of aquasoft

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NC's very prophetic words:

Yeah- maybe your sense of humor changes when you become a mod- Instead of liking normal things/humor, you end up liking things like banning people... It seems to me that humor is inversely proportional to status- the higher up you are, the less funny you're being... Would I sacrifice humor for power? Absolutely...

The proof:

Hi I'm NC. From now on, you shall call me the master of the 10th circle of Hell and right hand of the all mighty Satan Lord Unbe. I'm here to welcome and gut you like a fish. If you complain, I will merely redirect you to all-that-is-evil lord Unbe, and your soul will be forfeit. Only the dogs of hell will hear your cries, and you will be forgot.

//Member banned for 7 days for spamming

Please don't ban me, NC

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Goku bought a Powermac G5 with dual cinema displays. He's busy with his work and real life. But still he appears online from time to time, we chat and he mostly laughs at current state of Aqua-Soft :P

Cerebral is alive too, I can confirm that. I think I recall exchanging DA comments with him while ago.

The rest? Dead supposedly :o

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Quick, someone call Iceman back! Jaguar was the shiznit!

Someone call back Three Drives, his TD4 Panther was the most accurate mac theme ever. Goku called him the official Iceman of the new generation.

His work was on a complete other level to Iceman and Kol, too bad he quit so soon.

All we really have is the TD4 Panther masterpiece.

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Panther? Slow down! You modern kids with your Playstations and your MTVs....


Lol, I bet I'm older than you.

Yeah Panther, unfortunately all there is of Tiger is his TD4 Tiger Beta. But the panther theme in my view has no equal in terms of emulating mac quality on windows.

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