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best moments of aquasoft

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I thought of a light hearted idea for a thread in general discussion;

tell us all about the funniest moments on aquasoft;

the best witty remarks, the funniest shutdowns, the best calls, the biggest ripoffs, biggest misunderstandings, stupid remarks...whatever...

surely everyone has one to tell, and at the end we'll try and award somone as the 'funniest aquaman of aquasoft"

*try not to make them too long, or insulting... but yeah make it interesting.

*i hope this gets off the ground and works

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I'll think of more, eventually. And I'm already getting the feeling this could become a classic thread.

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Don't forget deadzombie/Stardock vs. the rest of the community, back in October 2004. Or are you including that in "Timmaah closing the forums?" :P.


You know, I never understood why people were pissed off about that? You guys wouldn't be able to fart while changing your wallpaper if it wasn't for Stardock and their apps...

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hey, could you guys explain a bit more about the stuff you're talking about? i've been here since oct 2004 and I still don't know what you are talking about. I remember when I got here, you guys just switched to VBulletin and we were using the vbulletin default skin... good times, good times...

P.S. I was never a ****. My first post was here: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showpost.ph...940&postcount=2

P.S. again: You made the other spelling of **** a curse word? lol

P.S. for the last time: oh my g-d! lol I'm talking about n0*b

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Before there was Unbe, there was Duckie. The Real one made his wrath be felt by everybody. And he first brought iTunes to Windows with his QCD skin.


@ Simone - GillBates pops in at random. I've seen rogue posts of his.

@ Unbe - I thought there were already plans to do that.

Damn! I've said too much.


*Starts recruiting members, gives them all state of the art weaponry* *Marches to Revolution!!! EHH!-said the the members*

Wizard steps in with "The Administrator should be afraid of the members, not the members at the administrator"

What am I, the Anti-Staff now? :P
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Lets see, so many great moments...

there was the day the contributor badges were handed out.

contra vs ubie when ubie was a ****ie :P

when the queen of off topic got banned, (sad day), funny though, i cant remeber her screen name...

oh yeah the frog boy vs ave/ konfab/ dashboard/ anyone else who did anything that ment compition to stardock.(desktopX, HAHAHA)

every single april fools, EXEPT THIS YEAR :(

club simon.

oh, when esxii did the should i get a hair cut thread. :P

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