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Dual Displays

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I had a question that is related

I will soon have an iMac to go with my PC

Now, is it possible using a KVM switch to switch between a dual monitor for the iMac, and one monitor for each?

I just wonder if there will be any problem with OS X when I switch the second monitor over to my Windows PC,

Will i just have to take steps before I switch it, or am i totally over thinking it?

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To use two monitors you have to have either two video cards (i.e. 2 PCIe, 2 PCI, 1 APG 1 PCI, etc.) or have a videocard with two heads, which most modren video cards have.

Also there is a program called Syngery. It is better than a KVM IMO. You can have multiple machines and different operating systems and have it work as a if you had dual monitors (by being able to move your mouse from one monitor to the next.) It also allows for you to copy somthing from one machine to another through the clipboard, even if it is something like Linux on one machine and Windows on the other.

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