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I hope I am not bringing up a thread that's too old, however I was just going to ask about the developmental progress of Nubs.

I am aware andrew and testers have been working hard on this app (v0.9.0.0), but just wanted to ask for any updates...


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Hi Guys..

I have been trying to download Nubs 0.9. but evrey time I log on to the download website, it tells me that I have reached the free download limit of the day. I tried turning off my pop-up blocker, tried using IE, an FF, both give me the same messages.

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Even if you could download it, I don't think you can use it...according to these notes.



* This beta expires (will cease to run) on May 1st, 2006. (yes, I've fixed the expiry date)"

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Hi Andrew!

Is there any way to exclude .net framework or it's musthave function in your cooool app?? While Microsoft dont put .net in Windows i dont want to install that tons of crap package, and alternative ways i dont know yet.

But if anybody know something please tell us.

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Well implementation isnt equal shipping with. Ok then i'll have my headshot, im going to install it because i simply cant miss to try this Nubs out. But Andrew if you can cut off this pack please try to doit, not i am the only one who like pure software.

>mushu13: yea a lots of trojans and viruses too ^.^ thats why i dont need those which need it, hahahaha.

EDIT: oh maybe not, i just read the expiration date :(

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