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GuiKit V2

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Absolutely love it AuGie. The new version is much more organized than the old one :). GuiKit is my first go-to site for customizing releases. Only thing I'd suggest is maybe putting another category for Widgets (considering you have them linked to in the sidebar - it may be convenient just to make a category for them).

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I love the nice, insulting front page which informs me that I'm using Internet Explorer.

I already know what browser I'm using. I'm using IE because I prefer it. Asinine banners/blockers/ect like this are preventing the web from being cross-browser compatible and are far worse than websites which don't cater to all major browsers.

You've just ensured that I'll never visit nor endorse (or recommend) your website.

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I understand, but, if you read the page :

"Guikit uses too far advanced web technologies for internet explorer... we will not enable GuiKit compatibility to microsoft internet explorer as we are a non lucrative website, and that we can afford to do so"

If you test GuiKit with Firefox or Safari, you can see lot of ajax, js and more... and with IE it's very bad.

We work for a IE compatibility, but i don't win money with GuiKit, please be patient :)

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too far advanced web technologies for internet explorer

You've got to be kidding me. Microsoft bloody introduced the technology which made AJAX possible! AJAX is definately not a technology limited to Firefox or Safari. Simply put, there's nothing that Firefox can do visually that IE can't in one way, shape or form. And I'm speaking from professional experience. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, feel free to start up a new thread and invite me there. I'll be happy to learn you a thing or three.

At any rate... Your attempt at a pleasing message for IE users is still insulting, even moreso now with that rediculous explanation.

If your meaning behind the message is to let people know that the site doesnt work with IE, then forward them to a page which explains that the site will not perform properly with IE (yet, apparently) and then forward them onto the site with a link or automatic redirect. I find it insulting that you're trying to pimp firefox to me (as a visitor) with all that w3c nonsense instead.

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I you have IE 7, could you test GuiKit ?

If there are some errors, could you take lot of screenshots ?

I'm sorry, i have a PPC mac (no boot camp) and i can't test with IE7.

For andrew_ -> I'm the author and administrator of GuiKit but i'm not the webmaster, just at 20%.

Be patient :)

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