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April '06 Desktops

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Guest Julieta

A few themes using per application settings;

Shinobi White WB5 (built-in shadows)

SIRO2 WB5 (built-in shadows)

Eternal WB5 by Master Duyvan82 (built-in shadows)


ObjectBar theme; Kubuntu

I did the MATLAB icon from scratch :)

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Guest Julieta

Per application settings;


Acua OS X Tiger (WB5, shadows) for Notepad

Dark Milk (WB5, shadows) for Windows Explorer

Cathode (greetings Asty ;) ) for everything else

Icons; Cassettes, UEFA Champions Edition Crystal Football, iAudio5, NihongoNoGakusei, Notepad Alternative (search the forums).

ObjectBar; Kubuntu Nihongo

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