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Changing systemtray Bluetooth icon

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As the title suggest, does anyone know which file , dll or exe i need to reshack to change that pesky bluetooth icon, im creating a new icon to go in ts place, one that would complement my aqua look and the other icons on the systray, i will be releasing the icon as soon i can reshack this file?, any ideas to where and what this file is would be welcome.


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I hate to ressurect a dead topic but i'm having the same problem. Does anyone knopw where this i located? I've spent an unmentionable amount of time trying to track this down without success. I've tried every file tied to the drivers and control panel and xpsp*res.dll files and haven't found any luck. They all have bluetooth icons but not this tray icon.

[edit]I finally found it, it's in irprops.cpl[/edit]

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