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Complete Utter Randomness Thread

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Guest Yami Bakura
Good luck! ;)

I am a space guy. ;) Don't you want to live in space? Just imagine: no gravity, more stars to see, better surrounding environment for Mac OS X Leopard ;):P (would feel completely "space") and imagine using Leopard in a space hotel, etc.

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My new forum's header image is expected to be spacey

In Reality, I wouldn't want to live in space.

I thought NASA was making an elevator to space.

I would live in a space hotel, If it was like the 5th Avenue Apple store

and the Glass was 5 foot thick to be really protective.

But It would be insane if an astroid came out of no where and shattered it.

And there will have to be water beds.

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Guest Yami Bakura

Seriously, it would be pretty cool to live in space and use the "space" themed Mac OS X Leopard ;). I think Apple has a lot of NASA people working for them, so that's where the "space" theme comes from. ;)

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And that was a lovely face plant into the rear window... Judges?

10.0 9.5 10.0 6.5 8.0 10.0

Excellent scores... Next we have the incredible petite girl diving into the toilet... Scores?

7.5 10.0 3.5 7.0 10.0 8.0

Awww... well it looks like the face plant wins... What will you do now, face planter?

"Uh... go to the emergency room, but then, if I don't die, I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!"


- Drake.

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oh look, it's 11:35PM...

oh ziet eruit, is het 23:35...

regard de l'OH, il est 23:35...

OH- Blick, ist es 23:35...

το OH κοιτάζει, είναι 23:35...

sguardo dell'OH, è 23:35...

オハイオ州の一見、それは23:35... である

오하이오 보기, 그것은23:35... 이다

olhar do oh, é 23:35...

mirada del oh, es 23:35...



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