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I wonder if A level math was the same level as here in India. I thoroughly enjoyed differential integral calculus and differential equations. Not to mention 3D geometry.

Wouldn't those cancel each other out? :P

I can see multiplying that out, but why? I do agree with you, NC, that matrices suck. The only, only thing I use them for are for finding the cross product of two vectors (used in both physics and vector and plane calculus).

They're nice if you have a calculator and you have to solve a complicated system. They do make cross products easier, simply because it's better than having to memorize the formula for the cross product of two vectors. Still, beyond that, I can't stand them.

Now for some geeky random fun! :D

//Image Removed, even though it's unnecessary outside the Screenshots Thread. -NC

Love it! Most of those kinds of images aren't so funny, but that one is great--worth saving :D.

hey, i got a calculator and use it, gladly! we're not talking about finding square roots by hand. we're talking basic math skills. here's an analogy: one of my pet peeves here at a-s is 100% computer novices using flyakite with absolutely no idea of what's going on under the hood. not that we all need to know how to program, but basic stuff like: what's wfp? what's a dos prompt? what's uxtheme.dll? how come flyakite didn't move my "startbar"?

just a modicum of computer basics would take the mystery out of the big, bad, voodoo-like, sorcerer-written flyakite magic-fairy program.

Hmm, I've never seen that method of finding square roots. Better to express it with a Taylor series centered around a nearby number :P. I couldn't agree with you more about 100% computer novices, though. If I were that much of a novice, I wouldn't even apply it to begin with!

Ah well :P.


P.S: Multi-quote in vB 3.6 is awesome, hehe.

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That's the method I use to find square roots. :)

I love doing math by hand, calculators suck (except for accounts and trignometric values).

There's a million ways you can approach a math problem by hand+mind, a calculator has only one methodology.

What about those definite integrals that take the calculators minutes to solve, but take you only a few seconds because you know how to use identities?

Just ask the people i owe money to if they care whether i pay them 12 x $300 or 13 x $200.

Nice one shmengie. Has anyone actually taken 13x$200 from you instead of 12x$300? I'd like to borrow from them :P

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Knew you'd like the pic, NC. Now I have to show a friend Dune because they didn't get it. :D

A friend who hasn't read Dune isn't a friend at all.

Though at least it means they don't like the prequels.

On that note, has anyone here read that piece of fan fiction known as Dune 7?

I wanna know if its even worth reading.

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If you think Uncyclopedia is scary. You haven't been on 99% of the internet yet.

Scary is bash.org and 4chan. Those 2 sites make me question humans and their morals to the core. Talk about disturbing, yet hilarious at the same time.

Also, I think the answer to the math question is -12.

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vkeios and i know, since we both stumble onto many weird sites...

I don't stumble onto really, a better way to put it, is "I frequent the worst of the internet"

Pic of my bookmarks says all.


@jhorner. 4chan's /g/ is the best technology board ever.

Especially since its not guro anymore... (not technology, don't ever google image search that)

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I have always wondered why 4 chan didn't catch on in the states like 2chan in JP... Then again, the most disturbing things I have ever seen on the net have came from 4 chan. That could explain it.

And keeping up w/ the randomness...Bloc Party's new cd "A Weekend In the City" is the best CD I have heard in '07. Highly recommended. It drops Feb. 27, 2007.

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4chan is #1,179 in Alexa's traffic ranking. (myspace is #5)

Aqua-soft is #38,133.

4chan's insanely popular, its just Anonymous acts like a normal decent human being off of 4chan.

And I don't go to 2chan, I've seen some very creepy and disturbing things on it. That and I can't tell what half the boards are.

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There's way to little Chuck in this thread. After all where would A-S be without the big C?

(shouts go out to Slewed for introducing me to the scary world known as uncyclopedia.org)

How about Richard SImmons? Theres so much less of him around here...lol


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