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Complete Utter Randomness Thread

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This is here only for the purpose of relieving yourself of the urge to babble somewhere else. The only rules are

1. Keep it clean

2. TRY to follow the previous post..u dont HAVE to but it would be freaky

Then just post your utter randomness away !!! ;):cool:

Is it random if I correct the spelling of the word babble? //Post Edited :P. -NC

Oh. Sorry,

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Hmmm... random thread, eh?

well I have some random obsession with llamas...

is that random enough to qualify for this thread?

this will blow your mind. during one of my usual llama-related conversations with my friend, she had a remarkable epiphany--- if you look at the word "llama", it actually resembles a llama, sitting down on the ground, with the neck, body, and little llama legs tucked beneath... yeah, you see it don't you? brilliant!

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Following the topic of randomocity, here is your random quote-o'-the-day.

"When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President. Now I'm beginning to believe it."

-Clarence Darrow

I'll try and have one every day till I get bored.

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