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This Darth Vader image


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I, being a pretty big Star Wars fan, have looked for that image in high-res since early last year... and I have yet to find it. I only have an 800 pixel wide one, and that is no where near sufficient enough for a desktop picture. That's why I created The Immolation, so that I could come close.

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check the xiap gui forums, that wall with the image you requested is there, or was....I don't know if it still is. Good luck ;)

Thanks aashish13 i've checked the xiap gui forums, did a little search and come up with this

A Young Jedi Named Darth Vader

Now i had to remove the text part,because i don't like it ;)

I'm not satisfied with it but there is nothing to do..

it's a special item which you must pay for :(

Thanks very much again guys..

i hope someone can find this and does a nicer desktop (louie?;))

Thanks for all your efforts again, i'm very appreciated :)

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