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Why are our screenshot getting removed?

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I really don't want to bring this up but itis getting on my nerves, the way things are handled here, in our screenshot thread. I (and many other members) have noticed that some of our screenshots are being removed quietly without any notifications. Those are mostly screenshots of mods of a particular WIP theme. While most (if not all) of the windows ss of that theme are being removed, Mac's ss of mod of that theme are still there, sitting nicely in the screenshot thread. The question is why Windows screenshots are considered as RIP but not Mac ones? Those mac ss too are personal mods of that theme, just like ours.

I think if we are to remove WIP ss, Mac ss and XP ss must be treated in the same way, either remove all or leave them there intact. I'm aware that I may be banned, bashed, or whatever by posting this but I think we have to make it clear. Timmie has already said long time ago that as long as the theme aren't released, it's fine to post ss, so why my and others ss's are getting deleted?!?! We need some explanation.

Sorry for wasting your time...

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I believe one of my friend has done that and we did not get a proper answer to it... and i don't need you to tell me what to do, only a mod or admin can boss around here.

OK, I know that I am not a Moderator or Admin, but how was that bossing you around? He was suggesting it. And he is right, according to the Guidelines:

7. Disputes with staff members:

Administrators' and moderators' decisions are absolute and final. Do not dispute a decision publicly with members of staff. Any posts found to be disputing decisions made by staff members will be closed and/or removed.

If you feel, however, that a decision is unjust or unfair, please contact an Administrator directly.

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The majority of the deleted posts are those with quoted images in them. The ones other than those have illegal versions of OS X x86 on them; a single one was deleted because it didn't have a Not-Work-Safe warning on it (that's my guess at least, a different mod deleted that one). In other words, I've just spent the last twenty minutes looking through ALL the deleted posts and didn't see a single one that was a mod of a WIP theme.

In other words, what exactly are you talking about? I know it's hard to "point" to deleted posts that you can't see, but I'm still confused...


P.S: Yeah, if it's an issue with a specific moderator, contact Timan.

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@Vitor: I'm really sorry for being that rude, I didn't mean it :)

@NC: I was not referring to the quotes being removed, nor OSX86 screenies. I was talking about Winnie screenshot of AquaSE and its mods. If you do a search in our ss thread you will not find any although many of them have been posted lately, the reason is that they have been deleted and the personne who removed them did not leave any explanation/notification. My own screenshot was removed, and some other people's, while, OSX screenshots showing mods of AquaSE did not receive the same 'treatment'. Hence I find it's unfair for us xp users, we and our ss are being considered as RIP and ****, although we are doing the same thing as OSX modders/themers...

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No duyvan, I can assure you that they were NOT removed. There are moderator logs, and I went through every single "removed" post from the Screenshots Thread and checked--none of them had anything to do with rips. Though I did not look for edits, I assume you would have pointed me to any unremoved post that had been edited.

So unless a moderator/admin somehow circumvented the logs, which is impossible to my knowledge, nothing's going on...


P.S: Of course, it could be jef. He has mysterious powers :P.

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They where removed NC. I remember mpampoulas posted a theme and unbe removed it because it looked like Aqua_SE, when actually it was ALL by him. duyvan has also had his aqua_se mod taken down.

mpampoulas shot: http://www.deviantart.com/view/29429559/ - i personally asked him if it was a rip, the answer was no. But since unbe found it to be "heavily inspired" it was removed. I had not contacted timan about it because I figured mpamp would, he was very angry with unbe, but I think that his anger twords him was within reason... i know I would be. If I had my own theme ripped I would find it flattering, atleast I'd know people liked it.

I thought that even if it was a rip shots can be posted as long as the theme is not distributed. I could have swore this agruement has come up numerious times and the outcome has been that, though I could be wrong.

I completely agree with duyvan.

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Guest Julieta

The only solutions is not posting unreleased themes, just like a patent. Otherwise the pseudo-ripping issues will never end.

Appearently these screenshots of unreleased themes show the user's attitude like

"hey, look, you cannot have this"

If Duyvan, Astyanax, and Mpampoulas are upset I support them. These members are the most important along with Andreas V. Members abusing their moderator position (insulting, humilliating, being prepotent, smarty-attitudes) have no contribution to this forums (even when they release some minor ugly icons).

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I'm just gonna say that I agree with the equal treatment of Mac OS and XP when it comes to rips or personal mods and that if an admin is going to delete someone's post then they should tell that person why.

That's all.

I'm stating it here and I'm PMing Timan about it too.

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Guest Cyanide


Some of the mods need to know that these forums aint their mom's basement.. so they really can't go around here doing their own "thang"

btw I really wanna give someone here the beating of their life :P

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