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Pet Peeve #3

here he vents again...

ok if you arrived here from the front page like I usually do. Obviously this aroused your curiousity but, don't you find it somewhat annoying that you had to come to the thread to find out how dull & boring and lacking in purpose this thread is?

you my friendly purveyors of one word threads are going on the list. :slant:

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this must be the most useless thread ever :slant:

All I wanna say is WTF, I DON'T CARE !!!

:slant: Obviously you cared somewhat? Hence thy response!

At this point it really doesn't matter as I'm posted for the sake of posting...but, for benefits sake here ya go!

Sarcasm is sneering, jesting, or mocking a person, situation or thing. It is often used in a humorous or ironic manner and is expressed through vocal intonations such as over-emphasizing the actual statement or particular words. Source

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nightcrawler wins again! Excellent wit & to the point. Thanks.

PS. Don't let it go to your head! ;)

//You know, "cautionary warnings not directed to any member in specific" can be equally regarded as "warnings specifically going to every member." Relativity and all that--just something to keep in mind :P;). -NC

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Well if you want this to be taken seriously, lets have it taken seriously. My "three word threads" as you like to call them. When have I ever done anything of the sort? If you will, quote some of my famous "three word threads"

...Half way through this post, I got very confused. I thought to myself. Is he talking about me, or is he using the word "vague" as a verb. It's obvious the other members of the board are posting as if he was talking about me. Please clarify.

Next off, who are you to judge or to express knowledge of my posts? What do you know about my posting history? I like to think that I have been an active member of the board for a very long time, and thus I think that I should be respected in the same way. Give my posts some consideration before you bash them into hateful threads such as this one here.

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First off I meant the verb "Vague". I didn't even know there was a member with the name "Vague" until it was pointed out above and subsequently never read any of your posts. For that confusion I'm sorry.

Also, if you look at my past posts I have not nor would I single any one specific member out individually. That's not my style and it's also one of the reasons this forum is a great place to come as this is not allowed.

Actually looking at it from your perspective I see the confusion. Personally, I've never posted in this thread anything targeted at any one member until the last time when I saw your name under active viewers. Edit: The last comment was made in good fun/intentions.

Now that said. I would have appreciated the same benefit of a doubt as in let me clarify before launching into a sort of defensive or agressive stance in your last paragraph.

Again from you perspective this is justifiable.

Ps. for future reference for anyone if I have any issues with anyone then I deal with it personally via PM or email not openly in a forum.

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