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How old are you?


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    • 1-15
    • 15-23
    • 23-30
    • 30-45
    • 45-and over...

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wat the?, who is editing my poll :confused:

Well, it's probably a mod or admin...likely me.

I split up the 15-30 into 15-23 and 23-30 because rotry suggested it and I believe it was valid. The 15-23 category is now an overestimate because it encompasses everyone who was previously in 15-30. I can edit it if you'd like...take some from there and add some to the 23-30.

Everything else should be okay.


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Oof...I'm young...sebenteen--er...17. Just turned it last tuesday. I specialize in the Mozilla area, however my business cards are on my office desk :) and Paralex, no sidebar conversation! you can do that at Starbucks :P Lets get this poll on the road!

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