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The Annual International Baccalaureate Thread!

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For those who don't know, IB is a curriculum intended to blend diciplines and teach critical thinking. It is taught worldwide and is far more valued abroad than the typical American AP courses. It focuses on 6 primary Areas of Knowledge and ties them together with a TOK course, an Extended Essay, and community service. The six primary courses are scored out of 7 with a 24 required to earn the diploma.


More information is available at http://www.ibo.org/.

Now to the point of the thread:

I'm ecstatic to finally turn in my final TOK Essay and Extended Essay today for shipping off wherever! I wrote my TOK Essay on the statistics prompt, basically citing appropriate statistical use (double-blind drug tests, the U.S. Census) and abuse (EPA 1993 Smoking Study, PTC stuff). My Extended Essay was in the CompSci category: "Graphical Data Clustering With Brightness and Edge Detection."

If I get the diploma, I'll come close to a 30, if not break it. I already have a 7 in IB Math Studies SL and a 4 in French SL, with a probable 7 in Music HL. I am currently at risk of getting below a 3 in World Literature HL, because I just don't get English or language in general.

My other courses are History of the Americas HL and Biology HL.

Others, post your courses, essay topics, grades (received and anticipated), whatever! Just do not post links or text of past or present work, as it will result in malpractice.

To mods: why not make this an annual thing. People only care close to test time and it's not worth resurrecting a year-old thread every time. I know you understand Seph. ;)

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Okay.... this is not an AP vs. IB thread. AP is for people who have a very powerful focus on specific areas. IB is set at about the 70th percentile (which is about an AP 3). IB is meant to demonstrate your abilities to think about the big picture, rather than all of the little details in a specific field.

There are plenty of people taking AP courses in America. IB on the other hand...

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