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MilkVista 2.0 WB

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MilkVista 2.0 is official port to WindowBlinds MilkVista 2.0 Visual Style by evgkursai

with permission Peter Lennard Larsen.

Add and mix colors, visual experience inspired Vista themes.


-MilkVista WindowBlinds v.5 skin, apple & winflag variation, WB4 version.

-MilkVista Styler toolbars, 2 subtype -milk & dark.

-ObjectBar skin


Microsoft Corp. for the WindowsXp, Vista,

Apple Inc. for the Mac OSX, Guikit’s,

Max Rudberg for the Milk Theme for OSX,

Peter Lennard Larsen, the official Porter of Milk for permissions and resources.

Stardock for WindowBlinds, ObjectBar &SkinStudio app

StyleFantasist for the Styler app

List changes:


- changed close buttons size, added shadows, more glass & transparent effect.

- removed old WB4 substyle, apple substyle and stylerTB skin :(



- adapt for WindowBlinds 5, PerPixel Windows(alpha blending frame border,caption)



- added winflag substyle


- First release.

A new release ver 2.1


.wba only

DOWNLOAD old ver 2.0 pack


Evgenij Kursai

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@wiebeest-- SD has WindowFX betas that work with WB5 up on Stardock Central. That's the only way you're going to get hold of them unti the final release.

I know. But with the release of WB5 SD promised a compatible copy of WindowsFx to be ready by mid december 2005...it's march 2006 now, and still no hint of that release, besides the beta...I find that odd.:slant:

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