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I just discovered minilyrics-

Not really a plugin I spose, more of a stand alone rather than a plugin but it is really really cool. Much better than evilyrics IMHO. The only problem is it doents seem to write lyrics to the ID3 tags of m4a files (ie most of my library).

Now all need is a decent itunes skin for it.

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Multiplugin (plugging localhost here) also reduces memory usage drastically in some cases, allows for transparency and extended functionality with foobar 2000, and causes iTunes to draw faster when transparency is enabled. Plus about 462 billion other items you will find listed in post for the most recent release.

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The only two plugins I know of for iTunes are Sidekick (by runasoft/evolution) and Mplugin by localhost.

Honestly I'm not seeing much of a reason to keep this thread open but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Better hope something useful is posted ;).

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how do you get the sidekicks and what are the features of it?
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Mplugin is a skining plugin.

It doesn't do much of anything else just makes iTunes look really really good.

Wow, talk about massively understating it's functionality, maybe you should have another look.

A couple of useful free plugins:


Hotkey Support + more

iTunes Toaster Plugin

Nice little pop-up display on track change.


OSD of track information on change via customisable text (pretty useful). (Original site seems down..:/)

PS: Thanks for the heads up aleph, gonna try minilyrics myself to see how it compares to evil.

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There's one called Cover Version that displays the album art as a static/waving flag or rotating cube. You might have to set it up in default mode first and then switch to skin mode after. It doesn't have all the features of Jewelcase but they do have an sdk so maybe it can be modded or updated. Worst thing is that it uses >80% CPU even in static mode. (oddly, when you wave your cursor over the image, the cpu usage drops down to ~40% )

Latest v1.2 just released 3/19


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