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TopDesk 1.4.2 - Now with Vista-like Flip3D mode

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TopDesk 1.4.2, a task switcher that emulates OS X Exposé functionality, is now available. The major features in version 1.4.2 are:

  • 3D Flip Layout - In addition to an Exposé-like Spatial layout, TopDesk now supports a 3D "Flip" layout, similar to the Flip3D task switching feature of Windows Vista®.
  • Rotation Tiling Animation - While animating window tiling TopDesk can now rotate windows around their x, y, or z axis.
  • Alt-Tab Emulation - While tiling TopDesk now responds to Alt-Tab key presses in the same way as the Windows Task Switcher.
  • Tile Visible Windows - In addition to the "tile all windows", "tile application windows", and "hide visible windows" modes, a "tile visible windows" mode has been added.
  • New Window Image Update Modes - TopDesk now supports more window image update methods, including capturing the foreground window image before tiling and capturing window images once after tiling.
  • New Performance Settings - Users can now configure the memory usage and priority of TopDesk.
  • More Mouse Hotspots - Mouse hotspots have been added to the middle of the top, bottom, and sides of the screen.
  • Close/Minimize/Restore Windows While Tiled - Users can now close and minimize/restore tiled windows via the keyboard and mouse.
  • Show All Window Titles - TopDesk can now show all window titles while tiled.
  • Customizable Window Title and Selection Colors - Users can now customize the window title font and background colors and the window tile selection color.
  • Minimized Windows Re-minimized After Snapshot - TopDesk now re-minimizes any minimized window it restored while capture window images.
  • Taskbar Hidden If Already Hidden - To improve compatibility with dock utilities, TopDesk now keeps the taskbar hidden if it was already hidden before TopDesk started.
  • Unsupported Screens Blanked Off During Tiling - To improve application compatibility and provide a cleaner user experience, while tiling windows TopDesk now blanks off screens that do not support hardware acceleration.
  • Improved Hide Visible Windows Compatibility - Where possible, maximized windows are now set to normal size before hiding and re-maximized after showing to improve compatibility with applications such as Internet Explorer.
  • Reduced CPU Usage During Tiling - CPU usage during tiling has been significantly reduced.
  • Improved Disable Mode - Disabling TopDesk now clears all TopDesk DirectX resources, improving compatibility with other DirectX applications.

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Naw.... v1.4.1 has been out awhile, but v1.4.2 (much needed corrections to some glitches that now make TopDesk's release much smoother,) has just been released last night.

And I agree with TopDesk's wait on this one... this release should be the one to stand out.

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albeik: Sorry, I think you've misunderstood. TopDesk 1.4.2 was just released. There was no posting about TopDesk 1.4.1 (which added Flip3D mode), so we thought we'd mention that TopDesk now supports a Flip3D mode so everyone was aware.

[edit] Thanks firecracker6, you beat me to it :). [/edit]

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I tried out the trial but the Alt-Tab Vista Flip doesn't work with WindowBlinds 5 skins with Titlebar transparency.

What I mean to say is that the Titlebars just disappear.

Is this a known issue and will it be fixed ?

Thanks, great app btw.

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Zaft: Yes, this is a know issue, but it's to do with an incompatibility between WindowBlinds and the Windows XP PrintWindow functionality that TopDesk uses to capture screen images. Using PrintWindow with a WindowBlinds titlebar transparency window results in a window image that doesn't have any titlebars.

Since TopDesk relies on PrintWindow to capture window images (it's the only way to correctly capture a window image under Windows XP), there's not much we can do to fix the problem. The fault doesn't lie with WindowBlinds either, it's just a failing of the crusty old Windows XP graphics subsystem.

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hey.. works very well on my pc. like the flip3d mode.

but sometimes when ich use it i can't scroll thru the windows. so i go back to standard window and again to flip3dmode then it works. but the problem repeats everytime i switch betwen the windows by using the taskbar.

is this a known problem?



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great program, although it doesn't draw styler or perpixalpha wb borders. the latter I can understand as difficult and never happening, but I think styler toolbars can be captured? if RKlauncher can grab the toolbar img (minimized apps)....

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