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March '06 Desktops


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Hi, nice desktop guys.

I have been looking at your desktops for months now but I never took time to post mine.

So here is my first desktop to post ! :cool:



Please post your comments, thanks !

By the way I am french and proud to be an aqua member :P

Come on french ppl let show everyone that we can be rly good customizers lol

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VS: Eternal Graphite.

Wallpaper:Smooth (Purple) from an upcoming wallpaper pack to be released by myself.

Running Applications: AveDesk (desktop icons), Marquee (WMP cover display), VideoShelf (DVD catalogue), PsuedoBar (ObjectBar replacement).

Click preview for actual size.

PsuedoBar, Marquee and VideoShelf and not currently available.

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Love Isn't A Lie


^^^Click for Full^^^

Theme: Lie 1.1 (Ported to WindowBlinds By Me, NFR // Original VS by Sky) - Personal Mod.

Nice one

Just wondering what are you using for the album cover thingie ?

edit: Thanks Ronnie, ( edited to limit my spamming :D)

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SimpleOne WB5 port by me (I was fed up trimming Wallpapers so I did a WB5 port)

Finished: 2 color schemes and Shellstyle

WIP: alpha-blended corners



My preview doesn't show up...:(

it was "nubee" causing this problem

Tried to get your preview to show up, but vB is filtering out the filename in the ImageShack preview--it must contain some kind of profanity. Haven't seen this happen before, but it had to have happened sometime! -NC

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Theme: AquadAGV by Gerrit (Blend of Susumu's Quad and Stefanka's AquaSE) (WIP)

DP: Apple Store Ginza by Unbe (modded) + "Leave Me In Solitude" by Zummi @ DevArt (inset picture)

Icons: Big mix of stuff ... ask if you need to know

Adium Status Icons: Graphite by Gerrit

iTunes: BezelTunes

Snapshooter Frame: Plastic Button by Ozzpot

Special thanks to Gerrit for letting me Beta test this theme and to DJ for finding the awesome inset picture

Awesome desk! Can you link me to the icons (apple, heart, moon, butterfly).Thx!

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@Paralex: That's actually not OB - It's PsuedoBar, a ObjectBar replacement without the hassles that come with ObjectBar. I think the font I used for it was Segoe UI at 14 px...I'll make sure and get back to you.

The wallpaper will be included in a new pack I'm releasing in the next couple of days. It's a throw back to the abstracts we used to see before the wave of semi-nude women crashed upon our shores. It'll be half blended-styled wallpapers and half striped-styled wallpapers. There's one called Skittles that I hope everyone likes (It's brighter than a nuclear holiday in Chernobyl) :P

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