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March '06 Desktops


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Organic 4...

Organic 4 by ??? -:Wallpaper

Milk Unified by Kavin -:Visual Style

Milk Unified by Kavin -:Styler Toolbar

Milk Unified by me -:Miranda Clist Nicer+

XPK Icons by ??? -:Miranda Clist Status Icons

Sys Stats by me -:Samurize 1.62 overlaid on AveDesk 1.3

Elements by ??? -:Desktop Icons

Elements/SnowE2 by ??? -:IconPackage/ShellPack

Milk Unified by me -:Winamp CD Case Skin

Maxiquaye by Tricky -:Music played by Winamp 5.2

Milk Unified Dock by me -:MobyDockDX Background

Words by me -:MobyDockDX Icons

Anything on this screenshot, done by me, is covered under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license. So rip the hell out of it, as long as you include my name, Nirodha (Bill Gray) and the license text http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/ in any derivatives.

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Sorry about that I guess mspaint must be saving prt scr in that size because I tried it again and it saved it as the same size. :confused:
"Prnt Scrn" just dumps bitmap data about the current state of the screen, so it offers no compression. The format that you save it in is what compresses this data. MSPaint has no middle ground when it comes to this. You'll either get a very big image with all the quality, or a very small image with the worst possible quality.

Have you ever tried Gimp? It's free, lightweight, and very useful for simple things like this. ;)

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