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March '06 Desktops


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Guest Cyanide

@Blaze : Thanks ;)

@sean.fletcher: Your icons own ;) I havent changed my dock icons for nearly 3 months now (I only change the Finder icon and the headphone sometimes, but the spelled out ones.. neva!)

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Here is my V O I D desk...

I wanted to post the screenshots now so I could switch to something lighter for Spring.

desktop8zk.th.jpg Desktop

finder8nv.th.jpg Looca

safari9mh.th.jpg Firefox

mail8se.th.jpg Thunderbird

itunes5mi.th.jpg iTunes

dashboard6gb.th.jpg Y!WE

VS: V O I D by Peter Ross

Desktop Picture: Under the Pier by blanconino

Dock Icons: Spelled Out 3, SE (NRF)

(The Flight Track and Phone Book widgets in my Y!WE Screenshot don't do anything. PLEASE DON'T REQUEST THEM!)

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Rhapsodized, bookmarked…

theme : RhapsodizedAGV (original by Max Rudberg) - NFR

icons : Folders from Powered (by susumu), Drives personal mod - NFR

background : personal mod of wallpaper from Silvier guiKit by NewaveCR & Javier - NFR

guest : Dougie MacLean

Enjoy !

Are the icons in the open window just mods of powered? or are they something else? Could you please give a name or link to those folder icons in that window? Thanks

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