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Eternal Aqua Skin for Miranda

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I saw a screenshot which featured what looked to be an Eternal Aqua skin for Miranda. Either that or it was a true Mac, with Eternal Aqua on Adium. Anyway, a picture is attached, in case anyone has sen it, or knows from where it might be got, if it is indeed a Miranda skin. Thnaks.

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For me it looks like Adium but i can't be sure only this status "User is currently R.I.P" is a clue, something like that is possible in Clist nicer+ , in clist modern not, soo it can be clist nicer+windowblinds eternal aqua.

BTW its very easy to make clist modern skin like that (without this R.I.P status) I can do it in one-two days if someone wan't

I've noticed one more thing groups text have shadow this is imposibble in miranda it's for sure Adium

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I have the skin like 90% finished, but I'll probably need permission. Could someone help me with that, I'm not really sure who I'm supposed to ask.

A big help were the AdiumX skin from philou and the Niqu skin from Astyanax.

So any help would be great.

Oh, and here's a screenshot :)


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